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Tips and tactics to know when playing Rules of Survival

Have you ever seen Battle Royale or The Hunger Games and want to join the war in it? This is the idea behind the continued emergence of games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Rules of Survival.

Play as one of 120 unarmed players with the sole goal of surviving as long as possible. There’s a lot to learn if you want to outlive your competition. If you are looking to become a Rules of Survival master, the following tips, tricks and strategies will help you come closer to victory in this fierce battlefield.


Rules of Survival tips

  • Adjusting the controls is the great Rules of Survival starter idea. Go to the settings (Settings). You can adjust the sensitivity of many controls. More importantly, you can enable “double tap to turn around” to save action time.
  • Don’t try different controls, chances are you will find yourself a method that outperforms others.

Rules of Survival

  • Each play session always starts with you parachuting onto an unfamiliar island. This is where the war takes place. In fact, turning the parachute on can be done automatically, saving you some valuable time. However, you can still choose where you want to land.
  • As you fall, look around, heading for crowded places like buildings or military bases. These locations are not only good shelters but also gather many valuable items, increasing your chances of survival.

Pick up things

Find items in Rules of Survival

  • Finding equipment is important if you want to save time. Hit the opponent just not to lose it. Try to find every item at the place you visit such as ammunition, equipment and weapons.
  • Don’t be afraid to pick up ammunition you cannot use. Remember, you are limited in space. Pistols seem to be a great tool at first, but, after that, you’ll really need something a little more powerful like an assault rifle. Aim in a sea of ​​flames is often quite difficult, so spraying bullets is more effective than aiming accurately.
  • When looking, always remember to close all doors behind you so that you won’t be sneaked on by the enemy and the building. Stalking is an important part of this game. Therefore, always be on high alert and be ready to fight.


Move safely in Rules of Survival

  • You want to be careful when moving because you don’t want to be too obvious when running through open ground. You can disguise yourself as a duck, lie on the ground or crawl to hide in a high grass area. Look straight ahead and if you see a building, look all over the area, then run quickly to it when it is safe. Don’t forget to close the door behind you.
  • Take a short break in the building while searching for objects. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Your chances of survival will be better after escaping the deadly danger at the beginning because the number of opponents is less.
  • Being patient and willing to stay in the same place for a while will help you live the longest, because there’s nothing to deal with around.

Support each other

Combat in Rules of Survival

  • In addition to the single player mode, Rules of Survival also offers many other ways to play: form a team of 2 (Duo) or become a part of a team of 4 (Squad).
  • If you play with a few friends, it is unlikely that you can beat a Duo or Squad if there is not a good combination between the members of the team.
  • If you are playing in random mode, do not be afraid to shoot a single person, because this action creates less noise and attention, and it also makes it easier to hide and smarter. until being attacked.

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Updated: February 26, 2018

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