How to play GTA San Andreas – Part 2

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the 4th version of the famous GTA RPG series. In the previous section, introduced the first task of San Andreas and how to do it. In this article, let’s continue to learn how to perform the new tasks of the game GTA San Andreas.

In the last part of the Los Santos Mission, CJ was released by two policemen because they wanted to use him to work for them. Now, the Ballas gang are in charge of Grove Street, Sweet is in prison, Smoke and Ryder are betraying, and Tenpenny has some things for you. CJ’s next missions will take place in the countryside (Flint County, and Red County Whetstone).

In the Countryside Missions section includes 10 main missions (plus 4 cutscenes of robbery).



Tenpenny and Pulaski wanted CJ to wipe out an old colleague who was hostile to them. Pulaski needed CJ to bring evidence – a photo of the man’s body – to confirm. Now you have to take the camera to the mountain house to handle the ex-policeman’s hand. You can use the nearby Sanchez motorbike to go up the mountain. There are many ways to do this task, such as buying a Sniper to snipe the target, or going directly to the house and shooting, stealthily approaching and killing him …

You can refer to the video performing the Badlands mission:

2. First Date:

This is not really a mission, it is probably just an introduction to Catalina – Cesar’s cousin. You walk into a shop, looking for Cesar’s Mexican sister, Catalina. After that, CJ will help her go get money at some locations. Catalina wants to go to four places to rob: Liquor warehouse in Blueberry, bank at Palomino Creek, gambling casino in Montgomery, gas station in Dillimore. You will be able to complete all 4 tasks in turn, but not necessarily in order (you should perform the task at the tanker Commander gas station first). You will help Catalina steal gasoline tankers to deliver to customers.

Refer to the First Date mission:

3. The Truth

There will be a stranger calling called The Truth. Truth said he and CJ were working together for the police officer Tenpenny. He will meet you at the Angel Pine motel.

Body Harvest:

At the Angel Pine guesthouse, you find Tenpenny smoking opium in The Truth’s room. After a while, he leaves and asks you to pay for the medicine for The Truth. Truth asked CJ to rob a reaper at the farm instead of money to buy opium. Arriving at the farm, you will have to shoot and kill the driver to steal the reaper for Truth.

Grand Theft Auto san andreas

4. Cesar Vialpando

King in Exile:

This is a conversation cutscene between Cesar and CJ. Go to Angel Pine to see Cesar and Kendle who are safely there. Cesar said Smoke took the car to San Fierro and brought back a lot of opium, advising CJ to pay attention to the highway to San Fierro.

5. Catalina

First Base:

CJ went to Catalina’s house to find her and expressed her feelings and wanted to help Catalina do what she wanted. And at this point, you will have to perform all 3 tasks above. You should choose the quest at the nearest location which is the Local Liquor Store.

Against All Odds:

This time, you will take your girlfriend Catalina to rob at a gambling casino. You will use explosives to break doors and safes to get money while Catalina threatens the staff there. Outside, you will “get” 4 stars, run to the next town and enter Pay n ‘Spray to remove traces, go back to Catalina’s house and the mission is complete. You will receive $ 2000.

Made in Heaven:

This is the last of the 4 minions of Catalina. Join her to a bank in Palomino Creek to commit the robbery. Complete the task you will receive 1000 $.

You can refer to this task in the video below:

5. Cesar Vialpando

Wu Zi Mu:

With Cesar to meet a Chinese man named Wu Zi Mu – a businessman in San Fierro. Time to take another race with Wu Zi Mu.

The opponent is nothing more difficult, equal to the ones in NV “High Stakes-Lowrider”, but the problem here is that the track is a little bit obstructed, especially the turns on the slopes, slopes, see when you flip your car or fall into the river, that’s why you should only get a car with a medium range. After the race is over, he will give you your contact number if you have a chance to go to San Fierro. You will receive $ 5000 after this quest.

Farewell, my love …

Go to the meeting point with Catalina at the foot of the hill (this quest only appears when you have completed her 4 small quests) to start a new race. She introduces to CJ her new boyfriend, Claude (the main character in GTA3). And you will race against Claude according to the challenge of Catalina.

This time, the track and the riders are both slightly raised, they will always follow you. The track is very good because there are many shortcuts, but when taking advantage of these shortcuts, be careful, you may stumble and crash into the ocean or flip your car, the road is very bad. Hold the lead until the first place finish.

At the end, Catalina tells you that the race is not fair and gives you a transfer note for the garage in San Fierro, she and her new boyfriend take the car and start to live in Liberty City. This is the last time you see Catalina.

Grand Theft Auto san andreas

6. The Truth

Are You Going To San Fierro?

Cesar called to say that the Varios Los Aztecas gang had been completely wiped out. CJ asked Cesar to take Kendle out of Los Santos immediately and take shelter at Angel Pine. Come to see Cesar at Angel Pine. Truth also called, saying that it was time to pick up the “goods”, asking CJ to be there as well.

After giving the money to Truth, CJ was about to take the truck “goods” when suddenly there was a strange noise very similar to the sound of a helicopter. Police have discovered Truth’s drug farm disguised as growing opium poppies. At this point, Truth will give you 2 flamethrowers to help him kill the opium before the police arrive. You have a total of 5 minutes and 30 seconds to do this. When you’re done, meet Truth again, he will give you the rocket to handle the helicopter above. Take Truth’s car to the garage that Catalina gives you in San Fierro. Meet Cesar here and he tells CJ that the time Smoke is still transferring money from Los Santos to San Fierro. If you want you can follow this mission and drive to San Fierro. Congratulations to another city!

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