How to play GTA San Andreas – Part 4

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The mission system in the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is extremely diverse, helping players grasp the game’s plot. In this part, we will join to explore the missions in the Desert and Las Venturas in GTA San Andreas.

IV. Mission Desert Missions (Bone County, Tierra Robada) in GTA San Andreas

In this part, CJ is surprised to meet Toreno, whom he thought was dead. He explained that he was not part of the Loco Syndicate, but a member of a secret government organization. He wants CJ to help him some things with the condition to ensure the safety of Sweet is in prison. Therefore, CJ began Toreno’s mission in the desert area.

1. Mike Toreno


Arriving at the farm, a strange voice is heard from a nearby speaker, and he will tell CJ information about Sweet after CJ takes the “proficiency” test he requested.

To the Monster car, you will have 6 minutes and 30 seconds to complete all 35 checkpoints, which is also a way to calculate your money upon arrival, the faster you will get the more money.


This time you have to steal the truck that is a competitor to Toreno, including what he needs … This takes 2 people so you can do it with Cesar. With Cesar follow the car to Foster Valley from Tierra Robada. Set the distance so that Cesar can jump on and control the truck. Then get on and drive the truck to the garage in Doherty.


You go to El Castillo del Diablo, Toreno will talk to you by speaker, choose 1 of 3 vehicles to start up the mountain, stop at the meeting point. Your mission is to guard a helicopter that smuggles goods. Use a rocket to shoot down the helicopters that follow. After that, go to Las Brujas to pick up the goods, so note that you have received 2 stars now so go to the garage and complete the task.

GTA San Andreas

Verdant Meadows

Toreno asks you to buy an old airport for a long time with $ 80,000, and then practice flying so that you can perform future missions.

Learning to Fly

This is one of the toughest missions in GTA SA. You will have to practice flying a plane and shooting a gun while in the air.

Here’s how to control this new vehicle:

  • W: Accelerate
  • S: Decelerate
  • A: To the left
  • D: Right
  • Up arrow: Fly up
  • Down arrow: Fly down
  • Q: Turn left
  • E: Turn right
  • 2: Open / close the wheel


After a strenuous course, now you have become a real pilot now CJ has become a true pilot and begins with a new and challenging mission series. Take a delivery plane to where the Toreno people wait and the $ 15,000 bonus will be given to you for completing the mission before evening.


Your mission this time is to prevent those who want to fly a bomber at the Toreno company headquarters. Get on the PCJ 600 and then launch to the plane, so run on the right, slowly approach it. When boarding the plane, it is advisable to use “light” weapons such as knives, sticks, hoes … to handle some guards. Using a gun will easily explode the gas tanks. Then throw out the bomb bag and have 20 seconds to run. $ 20,000 is the amount you get for completing this difficult task.

2. The Truth

Black Project:

Accept this quest from 22:00 to 6:00, so save it before playing as it is relatively difficult. You have to steal an item called “Black Project”, which is currently being researched in a secret military zone called Area 69, and you must get it before the sun rises (5.30)

He gives you weapons like knives, silencers, snipers, and infrared binoculars. When entering a military area, you can shoot in the headlights to avoid detection or up the tower using sniper rifles for the guards. Remember to look for the hatch that leads to the laboratory. Once inside, head deep into the place to Black Project. Now you have to disable the security system in the control room to make it easier to exit later. Enter the last room, force the staff to take out the card and steal the $ 60,000,000 Project and fly back to Truth.

Green Goo:

You will perform a train robbery to get the secret item for Truth. Kill all the guards and climb onto the train and find the object Truth requested. $ 20,000 goes to you after this mission.

V. Implementation of LAS VENTURAS Missions in GTA San Andreas

Las Venturas is a gambling paradise in GTA San Andreas. Chinese hand Woozie intends to open a big casino in this city, however, it certainly does not escape from the entanglement of competitors. Therefore, he needs your one-handed support. CJ’s mission in the city of Las Venturas begins.

1. The Triads

Fender Ketchup:

Woozie wants to open casino for Tam Hoang Hoi (Triad) right in this town. However, the mafia is also often disruptive, making the business less progress. Woozie wants to let CJ run a casino, to help it go up as well as prevent destructive behavior. CJ helps Woozie interrogate a cargo wrecker to see who he works for (by putting him on the hood and leaving). When he says Sindacco Family, take him to the casino, complete the task.

GTA San Andreas

Explosive Situation:

This time, you will help Woozie rob the dynamite in the southwestern mine of the city to serve the mafia casino attack. You must go to steal explosives before they can be activated, a timer will appear showing you have 2.30 seconds for you to steal. Get the goods, then wait for Woozie’s meeting point, give him explosives and the task is completed.

You’ve had your chips:

This time, Woozie discovered in the casino there was counterfeit money immediately thought that Sindacco were involved. You go to their site, take out all of them and destroy 8 money printers. This mission is quite difficult because you will have to face a lot of enemies at once. You can take a corner and use a sniper rifle.

Don Peyote:

Help Truth find his two friends Kent Paul and Maccer in the desert and take them to Rosie’s (Ken Rosenberg) place in Caligula’s Casino in Las Venturas.

GTA San Andreas

2. Mafia / Ken Rosenberg

Intensive Care:

Go to the hospital to take Johnny Sindacco to a safe place! But the mafia got out first, so you have to find Johnny in one of the 3 camouflaged ambulances. Kill the driver and rob the ambulance to take Jonny to the meat processing factory and hand it over to 2 names Sindacco.

The Meat Business:

With Ken Rosenberg visiting Johnny. Unfortunately, this guy died of a heart attack when he saw CJ. Therefore, the Sindacco want to destroy you and Ken immediately. Protect Ken safely, destroy all Sindacco troops and return to the casino.

3. Madd Dogg:

Rescuing Mr. Madd Dogg who was about to commit suicide on top of a hotel upstairs. Drive him safely to the emergency hospital to complete the mission.

4. Mafia / Salvatore Leone:


Go to Caligula’s casino, and you will find Maccer and Paul dangling, if Ken leaves the chair his two friends will be strangled to death. The casino was now in the hands of old Salvatore. CJ pretended that he wanted to work for him in fact to find a chance to free the other three. Right now Salvatore had a problem that needed help from CJ. Board the plane to track down Forelli’s state plane. Kill them all and take the plane back to Las Venturas.

Saint Mark’s Bistro:

Salvatore sends friends to Saint Mark’s Bistro in Liberty City to kill Forelli. And CJ will choose three people to help are: Paul, Maccer and lawyer Ken. But actually when going out to the casino, Carl told us to get on a taxi and hide quickly from Venturas, to be safe. So alone you will fly to Liberty to deal with Forelli.

5. Robbery / Wu Zi Mu

Architectural Espionage:

Woozie and CJ discuss the attack on Caligula’s casino. He asks you to go find a layout map of that casino. You will need a camera to capture the layout of Caligula’s casino.

Check out the video for this task:

Key to her Heart:

The security of Caligula’s casino is quite solid, including CCTV system, encryption as well as having a special card to open the door. This time, you will have to trick the casino card holder, Millie, in order to get the card and the code. This task requires your perseverance and dexterity. Trying to get the sympathy of Millie to achieve this goal.

Dam and Blast:

Place bombs and blast the city’s 5 power plants for the upcoming robbery.

Cop Wheels:

In this mission, you have to rob 4 police motorcycles to escort the casino’s money truck.

Up, Up and Away!

You have to steal the armored truck and bring it to a safe place and then spray it into the Caligula’s Casino logo. Have to go in when the military, steal the helicopter and drag the truck to the meeting place in the desert.

Breaking the Bank at Caligula’s:

Time to commit the robbery at Caligula’s casino, you are handed 10 gas grenades and infrared glasses. Zero and Woozie are in the disguised truck, on their way to the casino.

See how to complete the task in the following video:



CJ helps Tenpenny deal with the FBI and the DEA that contain files related to his crimes. Use your sniper rifle to destroy them and steal your briefcase and then board a helicopter back to the city

High Noon:

Between the CRASH group, a conflict occurred and CJ’s mission this time was to chase and kill the Pulaski police hand.

Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, are now charged with embezzlement, drug involvement … and many other scandals. Pulaski is dead, but of course people do not know and think that he is in the run. Time to go back to Los Santos and get things set up. In the next installment, you will meet Sweet again, get out of prison and be a sign of the bandits Grove Street has re-entered!

Refer to the CRASH mission video:

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