Summary of the latest Code Sword Fighters Simulator codes

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Using the Sword Fighters Simulator code is the fastest way to gain a combat advantage and increase the amount of money you can get in the game, thereby increasing your chances of getting more powerful weapons. To help you do this as quickly as possible, below has updated and shared with you the latest Sword Fighters Simulator code list to redeem.

Quickly enter now Code Sword Fighters Simulator that shares below to receive valuable items and rewards. Also don’t forget an important note that these codes are case sensitive.

code sword fighters simulator

Sword Fighters Code List

Summary of Sword Fighters Giftcode codes and how to enter

1. Latest Code Sword Fighters

The latest and working Sword Fighters Simulator code list includes:

– NEWYEAR – Exchange for 10 minutes power up 2x.
– COLLECTOR – Exchange for Coin Boost (money increase)
– GODLIKE – Exchange for Power Boost (power up).
– Christmas – Exchange for Luck Boost (double luck) within 20 minutes.
– BugsSquashed – Exchange for Power Boost within 10 minutes.
– Secret – Exchange for Luck Boost within 10 minutes.
– Oatsz – Exchange for Coin Boost within 5 minutes.
– EGGMASTER – Exchange for Luck Boost.
– ASCEND – Exchange for Power Boost.
– Sharpen – Exchange for Coin Boost.
– GETRICH – Exchange for Coin Boost.
– Dungeons – Exchange for Coin Boost for 10 minutes.
– FeelingLucky – Exchange for Lucky Boost.
– CELESTIAL – Exchange for 2x Lucky Boost within 10 minutes.
– Spraden – Exchange for Boost.
– Kolapo – Exchange for Boost.
– STRONGEST – Exchange for Coin Boost.

2. Use Sword Fighters Simulator code to redeem rewards

To use the Sword Fighters Simulator code and redeem valuable in-game rewards, follow the steps below:

Step 1: On the main Sword Fighters Simulator window, find and click the shopping cart icon in the lower left corner of the screen to open the Shop menu.
Step 2: Next find and click on tab Codesis the Twitter icon, located to the right of the Shop menu.

giftcode sword fighters simulator

Step 3: Click select Redeem and enter one of the Sword Fighters Simulator codes that shared above.
Step 4: Finally click on Enter to exchange rewards.

3. How to get more Sword Fighters Simulator code

Beyond access CODE GAME daily, you can also register and follow the official Twitter account / developer website to update the list of the latest Sword Fighters Simulator code released!

4. Sword Fighters Simulator code could not be entered

There are 2 main reasons why you cannot enter the Sword Fighters Simulator code to redeem the reward. It could be because the codes have expired or else you entered the wrong code.

Accordingly, to ensure that the code entry and redemption are successful, you should copy the codes that listed above and paste them into the redemption dialog box to avoid errors.
Above, has provided you with the Sword Fighters Simulator codes. Please update the game code daily on!

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