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Millet Shootout is a Chinese FPS game “similar to” PUBG

In recent days, the Chinese gaming community has been stirred by an FPS game called “Crossfire 2” with the name “Crossfire 2”. Millet Shootout. Produced and developed by Beijing Wali Network Technology Co.Ltd and Mi Entertainment. IS an FPS game, but the manufacturer insists, the game will not be like other FPS games available on the market. The goal of Millet Shootout is not how many people you will win, but the only criterion to win is whether you can survive to the end or not.


The gameplay of the game is considered to be quite similar to PUBG, it can be said that this is a “fake” on mobile because the content is almost 90% similar. The advantage of this game is that the characters, graphics, and related functions have been developed much more widely, with an extremely large map, whereby up to 20 players will fight each other. will be parachuted into a wasteland, then you need to find a place to have weapons to use as well as find other support items such as shirts, helmets, healing items, grenades, guns… and then can hide or rush to the battlefield to find an opponent, because it is a survival game, so the last survivor will be the winner.


Regarding the map in the game, it shows all the familiar terrain, with bridges, hills or factories and towns, in addition, equipment such as armor or hats, and Skins are also classified into 1,2 3… Which of these things you will be able to pick up from houses, random locations or shoot down opponents, receive from Airdrops…



Regarding the graphics of the Unreal Engine 4 technology development game, the realistic 3D graphics should be almost like real life and are quite praised by gamers, it must be said that the game development team did quite well. If you’ve ever played PUBG, you’ll see that Millet Shootout simulates accurately in every detail, which makes many gamers very satisfied because they can experience an identical game on mobile, but in the end, the “version” clone” will still have incomplete things, moreover with an FPS game, it is not eye-catching on mobile platforms when you play on PC.

You can download games here:

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Dragon Ball FighterZ – Game 7 Dragon Ball is startlingly similar to the story

Dragon Ball FighterZ is making the game village uproar with the hot combat system, allowing players to immerse themselves in the world 7 Dragon Balls so many hearts have been broken. However, few people know that the winning factor of the fighting game under Arc System Works is also the ability to accurately reproduce images from the legendary Manga series.


If you keep following Emergenceingame.Com, you probably already know that there is an article comparing games with Manga. But now when the game is officially released, Dragon Ball FighterZ It also makes gamers even more stunned when bringing the image of the virtual world closer to the pages of Manga stories than ever before. If you don’t believe it, you can witness the similar images like 2 drops of water between the game and the Manga version right here..

All information about Dragon Ball FighterZ will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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Konami reveals new game with gameplay similar to Pokemon

As a famous Japanese game studio, every move of Konami Both attract the attention of the fans. Last year, the country’s newspapers reported that Konami had registered a completely new trademark of (rough translation Solomon Program). At that time, many players speculated that this developer would bring a completely new IP, but unfortunately, after that everything was like a rock on the seabed, Konami did not announce any more information.​


However, in the latest issue, CoroCoro Comic has revealed a game with the temporary name Solomon Program.. Although not specifically announcing the developer, but considering that Konami has trademarked the Solomon Program, many who think that this is the new game of Konami. Screenshots of the game in the magazine imprinted with Switch, hinting at the game’s release platform, recently CoroCoro Comic has also officially confirmed this speculation of players.

According to the introduction of Ryokutya2089, in Solomon Program players will control monsters to fight, gameplay is similar to Pokemon or Digital Monster. The icons in the magazine are quite diverse and have similar designs to Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and Digimon with turn-based strategy RPG-style gameplay.​


Gishiki, a monster with a mysterious identity

Details as well as an official announcement from the developer will be revealed on November 17 when the game’s demo code is sent to fans through MiraCoro Comic Ver.2.

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8 games similar to God of War to make you feel like you’ve played for the first time

We all know this feeling: you’ve seen the ending (the ending) of God of War (including the game’s secret ending), and you wish you could forget everything in the game and start over. journey. Because the game is so good, you want a completely new feeling of playing the game again. Unfortunately that can’t happen. But the list below includes the best games similar to God of War that you should give it a try.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

HellBlade Senua’s Sacrifice - Emergenceingame

Have on: PS4, PC, Xbox One

If you want to continue learning Norse mythology, you should try Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice right after completing God of War. The game is set in Helheim, and includes a lot of the big Norse names you’ll recognize after playing God of War, with companion Druth who will tell you Norse myths, much like Mimir. From the moment you enter the game, you feel like you are in the Nordic world, and the combat system is similar to what you know in God of War. But Hellblade excels in the plot and how the game exploits the psychology of the character Senua. And the game is so beautiful, it makes you think Senua is a real person and want to switch to Photo Mode to capture landscapes like you did in God of War.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Definitive Edition

DMC Definitive edition - Emergenceingame

Have on: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Dmc: Devil May Cry is the next game you should play if you love the battle system in God of War. It was created by the creators of HellBlade, Ninja Theory, many years ago. This time, the studio took inspiration from the previous Devil May Cry games of publisher Capcom. This is one of the best hack-and-slash games on PS3 and Xbox 360, and thanks to DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition re-released on PS4 and Xbox One, you can now experience the game in Full HD. completely.


Bayonetta - Emergenceingame

Have on: PC, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

If you’re looking for a studio at the top of the hack-and-slash genre, it’s definitely Platinum Games. Led by the same team that created the original Devil May Cry, the Japanese studio knows the genre like the back of a hand, and the most obvious example is in the early Bayonetta. Now you can play 60fps and full HD on PC, while the Switch version drops it down to 720p, but still retains smooth frames. Bayonetta’s gothic style looks very cool. Sure, you’ll want to experience how to summon demons through Bayonetta’s curls or admire her gun in HD quality.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Emergenceingame

Have on: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Why Rise of the Tomb Raider is on this list. The game doesn’t have the combat system or Norse mythology of God of War, but these two games have similarities for us to accept to include the game in the list. It involves moving locations, mysteries, puzzles. Things that make the game look like God of War. Both games have a story structure that follows a certain direction, divided by areas worth exploring, and weapons (or powers) that are upgraded in the game. If you want to find a more relevant point, you can compare the paternity issues between Lara and Atreus, psychologically.

For Honor

For Honor - Emergenceingame

If you take Atreus out of God of War, add a little history and less mystery, you get For Honor. Ubisoft’s third-person fighting game might feel a lot like God of War, except it’s a comparison between samurai, viking, and medieval warriors. For Honor focuses on combat skills, especially with swords, similar to Kratos’ combos. For Honor is similar to the old Tekken, and the game also has a story mode, and you can play a variety of characters from three different factions.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End - Emergenceingame

Have on: PS4

Climbing, moving a lot and sometimes arguing in God of War reminds us of one thing: Uncharted. More specifically Uncharted 4, with Nathan Drake now a little older, starting to want to lay down his swords and mostly just enjoy a simple life – it resembles Kratos before Faye died, forcing him to chop down the ones tree to bring me and Atreus into the world… Obviously, Drake and Sully aren’t like Kratos and Atreus, and Drake doesn’t have a magic ax, but the game still has many similarities in the way you move around the world. Uncharted 4 is worth a try if you haven’t had a chance to play it yet.

Dark Souls: Remastered

Dark Souls Remastered - Emergenceingame

Have on: PS4, Xbox One, PC this May 25 (and Switch this summer)

Just playing God of War for a few hours, you will definitely notice the similarities with Dark Souls. Comparing with Dark Souls is a bit too much, but God of War has also somewhat recreated the success of the game that very few games can do. From the semi-open world to secret paths to obtain treasures, using portals, to the game’s “extremely encouraging” players to go the other way by placing enemies too strong to stand in the way. Street. And if you look at the battle system of God of War, using rolling, jumping back and forth, the two games are definitely quite similar.

The Last of Us: Remastered

The Last of Us Remastered - Emergenceingame

Have on: PS4

Does anyone remember the game about the main character is an elderly man who always regrets his painful past, having to join a journey to redeem himself with the help of another child? Of course, The Last of Us. Joel and Ellie’s journey resembles Kratos and Atreus’s in many ways, except for the zombie and apocalyptic array. But not only the plot, the intense battle system in The Last of Us is quite similar to God of War. However, Naughty Dog focuses on stealth and the occasional crafting system, while Kratos fights more directly. But if you want something that depicts father and son, The Last of Us will be a choice worth checking out.

Source: gamesradar

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Top games similar to Genshin Impact are extremely attractive that gamers should not ignore

If you want to play games similar to Genshin Impact with interesting and attractive gameplay, this is the article for you.

Almost every gamer can see that Genshin Impact is one of the top games of the open world game genre on mobile devices. Thanks to beautiful graphics, attractive gameplay and unique combat system are the reasons that help Genshin Impact can achieve resounding success in the world gaming village.

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However, if you love Genshin Impact but don’t have a mobile device or a fully-configured PC, here are some titles game similar to Genshin Impact that Lagvn introduces to readers with equally attractiveness.

1. Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind’s plot is attractive with an easy-to-understand gameplay with bright graphics similar to Genshin Impact, along with a Gacha mechanic that allows gamers to collect the characters they want.

Top games similar to Genshin Impact are extremely attractive that gamers should not ignore

The player’s task in this game is to destroy all the monsters to restore world peace. Currently, this game owns more than 80 different characters with extremely beautiful Anime standards. If you are a player who loves action strategy RPG games, Tales of Wind will be a name that you should not ignore.

2. Honkai Impact 3rd

This is a game also from the Hoyoverse family when it has many features similar to Genshin Impact on mobile. Both Hoyoverse products have their own beautiful Anime-shaped characters, RPG elements, gacha mechanics, and diverse character systems, weapons and costumes.

Top games similar to Genshin Impact are extremely attractive that gamers should not ignore 2

Participating in Honkai Impact 3rd, players will enjoy top-notch battles with extremely eye-catching visual effects. The lively sound system will help players have a better gaming experience when transforming into the Valkyries in the game. Players can set up a squad of 3 characters and fight in the style they love.

3. Tales of Crestoria

The combat system is the strong point of this game, along with an attractive storyline, accompanied by excellent 3D shaping that has helped Tales of Crestoria have a plus point in the eyes of the international gaming community. .

Top games similar to Genshin Impact are extremely attractive that gamers should not ignore 3

The player’s task when participating in this game is to destroy all the monsters to protect the people and regain peace for the world. The characters in the game are also extremely diverse so that players can create many different teams, thereby improving their ability to fight against fearsome enemies.

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4. The Alchemist Code

A tactical RPG game that owns an extremely eye-catching graphics background, accompanied by extremely attractive tactical gameplay. The quality of the game has also been further enhanced through the soundtrack and the in-game voiceover system since this game was released until now.

Top games similar to Genshin Impact are extremely attractive that gamers should not ignore 4

Inside The Alchemist Code, there are more than 50 different characters for gamers to choose from, with each character owning a separate set of skills and careers to serve many purposes in the title. this game. Not only that, players can also team up with 3 other players to conduct a copy battle.

5. Night Agent: I’m the Savior

This is a game that has the most similarities with Genshin Impact when it comes to owning a gacha system, which can change characters during combat to perform a spectacular combo.

Top games similar to Genshin Impact are extremely attractive that gamers should not ignore 5

From the very first days of its launch, Night Agent: I’m the Savior has been appreciated by the community as a smooth, seamless product and possesses many different interesting game modes such as PvP, Co-op and Brawl. . The game’s graphics are also impressive

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Pokémon GO: What to do when there are many similar Pokemon?

Pokemon Go was officially present in Vietnam, Vietnamese gamers are actively hunting and trying obtained many Pokemon possible. However, in the process of playing Pokémon GO, we will inevitably find and catch a lot of the same Pokemon. At this point, it is most important to determine what to do with them. The advice here, is Transfer.

So, what is Transfer Pokemon in Pokémon GO? How does it work and how to do it?

This is an extremely wrong thinking and proves you do not understand anything about how to evolve PokemonThat’s why you can’t Become a master in the game Pokemon GO this.

Why do you say that? That’s because Pokemon are the same (in terms of name, type, and species) but will have CP (different combat stats), and having multiple Pokemon alike, is completely beneficial. Because you can use the Transfer them feature, get Candy for evolution.

Transfer the same Pokemon to get the Candy Candy

Step 1: If you have at least 2 or 3 of the same Pokemon or more, follow the instructions below, Transfer them. From the main interface of the game, tap Pokeball fruit icon (ball in the middle of the screen), then select the next item Pokemon (picture Pikachu).

How to make candyHow to transfer pokemon

Step 2: Here is a complete list of Pokemon you have (see the numbers right above, 9/250). Choose a group of Pokemon of the same species, find one you want to transform. Once touched, the details about that Pokemon.

Touch three dash icon (lower right corner of the screen).

How to evolve Pokemon What to do when there are same Pokemon

Step 3: Choose to enter transfer (Candy Candy Shape) and Yes to agree to transform.

Transfer 5 transfer - EmergenceingameTransfer 6 yes - Emergenceingame

Step 4: The transfer is successful, there will be an announcement on the screen and the amount of Candy Candy collected. Pokemon after transformation will disappear from the list of existing Pokemon and cannot be retrieved.

Transfer 7 candy - EmergenceingameTransfer 8 done - Emergenceingame

Video instructions to transform Pokemon to earn Candy

That’s what we need to do if we have more than one Pokemon of the same type and type. The more Pokemon you Transfer, the more Candy you get, the faster and easier Pokemon will evolve.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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Top 5 Games with the most similar gameplay to Roblox

Roblox is a game that gives players a free world, allowing them to freely build buildings and interact with each other. When playing the game, players can create their own mini worlds to enjoy and introduce to friends and other players. The game has a sandbox model and a joyful, friendly atmosphere and that is also the reason why the game is being loved by children around the world. Here, EmergenceInGame would like to introduce the 5 best games with similar content and gameplay to Roblox.


Growtopia is like a “hybrid” game between Roblox and Minecraft. This game will satisfy gamers who want Roblox to have a more nostalgic art style. The gameplay of this game is also in the genre sandbox and revolve around farm and build the world to farm. The game also has a lot of different gameplay options, you can choose single player to play alone or play style multiplayer full of energy and excitement. Like Roblox, Growtopia does not have a mandatory goal or limit the number of players, but allows players to freely explore the world in the way they like.

Download the game Growtopia at:

Game Growtopia
Game Growtopia


Although it is a bit limited in the number of regular updates, Mythruna has extremely interesting content. If you love Roblox’s boxy design and player-controlled features, you’ll find similarities in this game. Mythruna is a sandbox role-playing game (RPG) is a bit of a fantasy. The game allows players to build their own worlds as they please, and it features a simple animation system, much like Roblox’s easy-to-learn but complicated building system.

Download the game Mythruna at:

Game Mythruna
Game Mythruna


Trove is a game with the graphics style of Minecraft and the smooth animation of Roblox. The game will make gamers think of Minecraft in many ways, for example, the inventory of items has a pretty similar design. The game is also similar to Roblox in that both games revolve around the element of screen building. Another similarity is that both games allow players to Custom character editing.

Download game Trove at:

Game Trove
Game Trove


Staxel allows players to freely explore in a farm world and interact with their pets. The game allows players to choose between single-player and online co-op. Players can create any world they want. The game’s construction mechanism is easy to get used to and has a boxy graphic style familiar to veteran players. When playing Staxel, players can not only build farms, but also build many other types of buildings, just like Roblox.

Download Staxel game at:

Game Staxel
Game Staxel

Animal Jam

Animal Jam gives players a lively world, where you can play games, create your own levels, and earn gems with characters representing cute animals. Just like Roblox, this game mainly depends on character customization, parallel to the creation and construction. The game doesn’t have the same blocky graphic style as Roblox, but it does have an open world that many fans of the online multiplayer game genre will find very familiar.

Download Animal Jam game at:

Game Animal Jam
Game Animal Jam

Above is Top 5 games with the most similar gameplay to Roblox. Hopefully this article will be useful for those who are intending to learn about Roblox-like games. Join EmergenceInGame to read the next articles.

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5 great games, with gameplay similar to Among Us

Among Us launched in 2018 but has only recently become a phenomenon in the gaming community around the world. If you love the gameplay of Among Us And looking for similar experiences but with their own unique features, here are 5 great games like Among Us that you should try.

Among Us is on its way to becoming one of the most popular games globally. In recent times, the game attracts countless players for many different reasons and of course, it totally deserves it. Among Us is a brilliantly crafted game with a lovable cast of characters and gameplay so engaging that it’s hard to stop playing. By using strategies as well as the art of lying, you can betray your teammates and win as an impostor.

game among us

If you are bored of playing Among Us, choose 1 of the 5 games below

On the other hand, you can show off your detective skills by following other players while trying to complete the mission and not get killed. There’s a lot to do but that’s where the fun comes from. However, sometimes if you cannot enter the game due to too many players causing the server to be overloaded or for any other reason, try the good games with gameplay like Among Us introduced below in those cases.

Top 5 good games with gameplay like Among Us

1. Deceit

Main features:
– Deceit tests your instincts for trust and deception in an action-packed multiplayer FPS.
– Innocent people must stay alert, cross the areas and escape through the exit.
– Those infected with the virus will be busy collecting blood and trying to cover up their destructive plots.

good game among us

What happens when you combine trust and deception with an FPS game? Yes, you will have Deceit. Deceit is a game like Among Us, where there are innocent people and there are also villains. As an innocent, your mission is to escape from the refugee camp and if you are the one infected with the virus, you have to make sure innocent people can’t escape. So where is the trust factor?

Where you don’t know who is infected. You can just talk to other players and watch them for clues. Watch out for the health packs because if they’re used you’ll know there’s an infected player near you. Players infected with the virus then gain shapeshifting abilities and the power to see through darkness. You can play Deceit on PC (Steam).

=> Link Download Deceit for PC
gdVi download pc - Emergenceingame

2. Project Winter

Main features:
– Join the psychological warfare of up to 8 players, focusing on social deception and survival.
– Survivors will have to gather resources, battle the elements, and complete a series of missions to call in one of many rescue vehicles.
– The traitors’ sole goal is to stop the survivors by any means necessary.

game among us

Want to try the feeling of being a traitor who stabs other players in the back? Your wishes will be fulfilled. Project Winter takes you to a snow-covered land and you must team up with your friends to keep your life safe. In case you are an innocent person, of course. If you are a traitor, you must stop those on the opposing side.

Innocents will need to gather the necessary resources, repair things, and complete quests. Traitors are outnumbered and weaker at the start of the game, they can infiltrate the group of survivors and gain their trust while building their strength, while also exploiting trust to spread news. lies, pits the survivors against each other, and tries their best to stop the escape without raising any suspicion. Similar to Among Us, if you venture out on your own, you can easily get killed by traitors, or in this case, wild animals.

=> Link Download Project Winter for PC
gdVi download pc - Emergenceingame

3. Barotrauma

Main features:
– Multiplayer game with 2-16 players in the submarine
– 6 character classes with different skills and tasks: Captain, Engineer, Mechanic, Nurse, Security Officer and Assistant.
– Rich maps and missions with multiple game modes offering near-endless replayability.

good game among us

Barotrauma is also a good game like Among Us built on lies and deception. It is a scrolling game, set in a submarine in Europa’s ocean. There are missions, dangers and aliens here. Barotrauma does a great job of mixing survival and horror elements. You will have to work together with your teammates to overcome any dangerous situations. This game focuses mainly on missions that you will be asked to complete.

If you want an experience similar to Among Us, you can add a traitor to your party. This will make the game more challenging and more fun to play with friends.

=> Link Download Barotrauma for PC
gdVi download pc - Emergenceingame

4. Unfortunate Spacemen

Main features:
– Free multiplayer betrayal survival game.
– Complete objectives to call for help or hunt monsters like a Spaceman.
– Set traps, disguise as Spaceman and confront them in the form of a monster.

game instead of the among us

As a Spacemen you have to complete some missions and survive but your crew will be infiltrated by monsters. Vandalism, lies and betrayal, Unfortunate Spacemen has all the elements of Among Us but has a horror style. With an impostor trying to impersonate a Spaceman and kill the astronauts, the game can get brutal and complicated quickly.

Monsters can set traps and this is different from Among Us. You can experience this game for free on PC via Steam.

=> Link Download Unfortunate Spacemen for PC
gdVi download pc - Emergenceingame

5. Town of Salem

Main features:
– Town of Salem features 33 unique roles that ensure a different experience each time you play.
– There are more than 220 achievements in the game. Complete to receive many useful items.
– Customize the game by choosing maps, characters, pets, lobby icons, houses, custom names and more.

good game among us

For those who love werewolf or Mafia games, Town of Salem is a perfect choice. There will be 7 to 15 players divided into Town, Mafia and Neutrals. Town is the innocent who must find the Mafia before the Mafia kills them. Like Among Us, your roles are obviously reversed if you’re the villain. The game also has other roles such as Serial Killer, Jester, Werewolf or Pirate, adding great spice to the game experience. You can play Town of Salem on iOS, Android and PC.

=> Link Download Town of Salem for Android
download now android - Emergenceingame

=> Link Download Town of Salem for iPhone
download now ios - Emergenceingame

=> Link Download Town of Salem for PC
gdVi download pc - Emergenceingame
Currently, there are quite a few games with gameplay similar to Among Us and here are the 5 best choices for you. The gameplay is similar, but each game has its own unique characteristics to attract players, providing an experience that is both familiar and new. If you haven’t played the Among Us game yet, download the game here:

=> Link Download Among Us for PC
gdVi download pc - Emergenceingame

=> Link Download Among Us for Android
download now android - Emergenceingame

=> Link Download Among Us for iPhone
download now ios - Emergenceingame

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