“Superman” wants to be the main double in the game-based movie The Witcher

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Henry Cavill is currently promoting the movie Mission: Impossible – Fallout. In the midst of a recent interview with IGN, the British actor confessed that he just finished playing The Witcher 3.


Cavill said: “I just finished playing in a row. Love this game, really good game. Previously, the actor also talked about his love for video games. So the reporter continued to ask him about his interest in playing Geralt in Netflix’s upcoming TV series The Witcher.

Immediately, Cavill asserted: “Sure. It will be a great role.” He also revealed his admiration for the book version of The Witcher: “The book is really, really good… I’ve just started reading a few volumes and they are really worth reading.”

Henry Cavill gives an interview

Netflix’s The Witcher 3 TV series is being slowly developed. Currently, the latest information usually comes from Lauren Schmidt Hissrich – the screenwriter of the film. She revealed the most basic descriptions of the characters in the movie, through her personal Twitter account.

Most recently, Hissrich revealed that the first part of the series will include 8 episodes, expected to be released in 2020.​

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