CrossFire Legends: 7 tips to stay alive in Survival mode

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1. How well equipped without weapons, what should rice porridge!

Yes, weapons are the first thing that needs to be prioritized. So when you land on the ground, the first thing you have to do is run to pick up weapons. Any weapon has more benefits than helmets or health potions. If you encounter an opponent jumping down with you, try to take them down while you have a weapon in hand. If you don’t run ahead, you’ll be at the top.


2. Always keep yourself in a safe position

Don’t get too absorbed in picking up items or searching for enemies, you shouldn’t ignore the current state of the safe ring that is collecting. If you are inside the white circle, it means you are safe and sound. If you are outside the white circle, try to move quickly inside. The tighter the land and the more people there are, the more enemies will be like you moving into the safe zone. Remember to watch out for them!


3. If you have a car, why not play?

Survival in CrossFire Legends In addition to providing weapons and equipment, it also allows players to use vehicles of all kinds. Car is one of them. Should determine the position of the car in advance so that when you need to accelerate, you can immediately run into the safe zone because the speed of movement is much faster than jogging. If you meet an opponent who is wandering on the street, you will always be punished.


4. The level of the equipment is also quite important

The system of equipping helmets in survival is divided into 3 levels: high, medium and low. If you have the opportunity to change to higher level equipment, do not hesitate!

5. Pay attention to the minimap

This map has the effect of displaying information about teammates, whether there are enemies shooting or approaching cars. Gunners should often keep their eyes on the minimap to avoid being caught by surprise.


6. Beware of the loot boxes that appear on the field

On the field, you will occasionally come across a number of storage boxes lying on the ground left by the defeated. That will most likely be used as a trap. Honey often kills flies, do you want to be a fly before the lurking eyes?


7. Survival, not single-player mode!

The person who lives the longest will become a legend, not the one who kills the most. This is the biggest difference between survival and the usual single-player mode of CrossFire Legends, where you only have one life, no chance of dying over and over again.

Try to pick up enough weapons, equipment, and ammunition and quickly move into the safe zone. The winner is the last survivor, don’t be too greedy to kill the enemy because you are easy to be hit by other players while you are too drunk.

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