Dota 2 – Predict the potential 16 teams to participate in ESL One Genting 2018

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After Valve announced the cancellation of Galaxy Battles’ Major status, ESL One Genting became the first official tournament of the series. Dota 2 in 2018. Obviously, with such importance, all fans’ eyes are on the Arena of Stars to witness the performance of the strongest Dota 2 teams.

The Three Kings Gather
Liquid, Secret and Virtus.Pro are obviously the 3 strongest Dota 2 teams in the world at the moment. Their strength has been demonstrated in recent large and small tournaments. Liquid is the reigning house champion TI7. When the whole world was waiting for the curse of TI to be fulfilled (teams after winning TI would all drop dramatically), Liquid proved the opposite. Kuroky and his teammates are still fighting stoic, always in the top of all the tournaments he attended in the last months of 2017.


Secret can be said to be the team with the best performance in recent times. Ever since Ace joined the team as carry, Secret seems to have found the final piece. The gameplay is perfect, many cores develop, even in the worst case, Secret can still find an opportunity to turn the game around.


Virtus.Pro is clearly still the unquestionable king of the CIS. Outside of home, this team also has remarkable achievements and can completely beat any formidable opponent, including Secret and Liquid. However, this is also one of the most erratic teams. On a “beautiful” day, the fact that VP stumbles in front of unknown guys like Infamous or Penta doesn’t seem to surprise fans too much.

Chinese Civil War
Incidentally and unexpectedly, 4 teams from China were arranged to face each other in the first match. In Group A, 2 brothers VG and VGJ.T will have to decide to live together forever. VGJ.T has just glorified China with the championship in Galaxy Battles, but it is also the team that is at a disadvantage when there is no time to adjust and rest between the two tournaments. Besides, compared to the history of achievements as well as the history of confrontation, VG is also the better team. Therefore, despite being the defending champion of Galaxy Battles, VGJ.T is still quite pessimistic in this “derby” match.


China’s civil war in Group B, will be between 2 teams Newbee and LFY. When it comes to LFY, no one can’t help but think of their destructive performance at TI7. However, after the regretful defeat at the biggest tournament in 2017, LFY seemed to have lost himself. In all subsequent tournaments, they did not have a good record. A week ago, LFY just exchanged his mid player for OP (IG’s mid). Will their new roster make it up to Newbee, the TI7 runner-up, a team that has always been defeated by Western teams, but is a boggart that can smother any country team on any planet. matrix?

Glory is lost


EG, the giants of the North American region, are probably in their toughest period since winning TI5. Constantly changing people and positions, bringing Sumail from Mid to Offlane, replacing “old man” Universe with Misery… all show that EG is trying to carry out reforms to find themselves. That change once gave fans hope, as they kept their undefeated record before entering the finals of Galaxy Battles with a new lineup. Unfortunately, hope once again turned to disappointment, when they lost to VGJ.T with a score of 3 white. Perhaps, a tournament can’t say much. Perhaps, a failed final is not enough to completely negate EG’s new roster. Let’s wait and see what this North American king will show at the first Minor in 2018.

Southeast Asia’s renaissance?
Sea has always been the region with the most passionate Dota 2 fans, but also one of the weakest regions worldwide. This time, the Minor is held at the regional home ground, can Mineski, TNC and Fnatic change this sad situation?


3 teams, possessing 3 completely different ways to build a squad. One team is a collection of Southeast Asian superstars, one is Pinoy’s pride, and the other is the international coalition “against guests into master”. With the revival of 2 veterans Mushi and iceiceice, the growth of young players like Abed, the entry of seasoned fighters like EE and Universe, is ESL One the place to witness the Dota 2 scene in SEA renaissance?

New antiquity, spring or resurgence?
Na’vi and CoL, the two teams that carry the hopes of Ukraine and the US, are in a rather awkward situation, “high can’t be done, low can’t be done”. The road to TI8 is not hopeless, but certainly arduous. Na’vi has recently shown signs of spring, CoL also has not bad performances, but to compare them with “gods” like Liquid or Secret, it is probably still too lame…


Penta, Planet Dog and SG, 3 names are not too strange, but certainly not familiar to Dota 2 fans. At least, all 3 have never been qualified to become top teams. tier 1. Is ESL One Genting the place to witness their rise? I’m afraid it’s difficult, but let’s wait and see.

The first matches of ESL One Genting 2018 started today, January 23, and ended on January 28, 2018.​

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