Shivering with the fan horror version of Among Us, Imposter is an alien

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The outbreak of the pandemic forced many people around the world to stay at home, only going out when absolutely necessary, playing games is considered as one of the measures many people come to to reduce boredom during the period of time. this distance. It is also a favorable condition for Among Us – The game released in 2018 suddenly became a global phenomenon.

In November alone, there were 500 million people playing Among Us globally. There are more and more mods and short cartoons inspired by this game online, including many horror-style products. Recently Youtuber 3D Print Guy has just posted a short film combining Among Us with a topic that many viewers are interested in – alien creatures.

3D Print Guy’s video has a rather dark style, opening the clip with an image of an alien creature with hideous tentacles and sharp teeth sneaking into the base, killing one of the Crewmates and impersonating the ill-fated victim. Thanks to his false identity, this alien creature easily eliminated, harmed the Crewmates and became the victor.​


With eye-catching graphics and creative content, 3D Print Guy’s videos quickly reached nearly 300,000 views in just 2 days. Below the comments section, many people expressed interest in this Youtuber’s video and hope that he continues to produce more similar content.​

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