Running a show like King Of War, opening 5 cyber games in a row across the provinces in just 1 month

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If last year King Of War just focused on developing its cyber game chain in Hanoi, this year can be said to be a boom year when the young owner decided to encroach on the brand and spread the word. KOW Gaming Center to all provinces and cities across the country. At the same time, it is also constantly increasing the number of cyber game chains in Hanoi. According to the sharing, the guy is determined to reach the number of 20 cyber games across the country in 2019. With the business motto “Optimizing investment, optimizing success”, it can be seen that our young boss is gradually shaping his dream of spreading his brand across the country.


Currently, King Of War is implementing 6 projects at the same time, of which 2 are in Hanoi and 3 in other provinces and are expected to open from now until the end of September. Specifically, KOW Tay Ninh August 25, KOW Ho Chi Minh September 6, KOW Nguyen Trai September 10, KOW Tay Nguyen and Bach Mai at the end of September. With such a dense opening speed, perhaps the boss. Our kids have to run the show non-stop to catch up.


As expected above, on August 25, KOW Tay Ninh officially opened, and not beyond the expectations of many people, this game is also in a state of defeat not inferior to any brother. themselves in the capital. King Of War then also plans to install new machines with enough capacity to serve gamers.

In parallel with opening cyber games, King Of War is still developing very well both his game room construction work with his own company called KOW Technology Investment and Development Joint Stock Company, specializing in investment and development. develop machine room technology at 110 Tran Phu, Mo Lao Ward, Ha Dong, Hanoi.


Indeed, with its own popularity and certain successes, along with owning an extremely powerful fan base, these can be considered extremely advantageous points for the young boss KOW to develop his business. its business. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when every KOW cyber game that is opened receives an extremely enthusiastic response from a large number of fans. And of course, plus the highly appreciated service quality are the factors that KOW Gaming Center can retain customers for so long.

Before that, around the rumors that KOW just had a “big man” behind or leaning on his parents to be able to “flash” so quickly, the guy had extremely strong responses. that if there is a real backer, surely the number of cyber games that KOW has opened up to the present time will not stop at such a modest number. “I wish I had a man behind this, there must be about 20 shops.” KOW shared.

Of course, the fact that a young man has a successful career that many people dream of like KOW is hard to avoid conflicting speculations. Regardless of the truth, it is impossible not to recognize this guy’s talent and charisma.​

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