Is this why Dr Strange gave the Time Stone to Thanos?

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As many of us know, Avengers Infinity War officially ended with half of the universe wiped out at the snap of Thanos. Earth’s superheroes completely failed to protect innocent people as well as their own teammates. These Spider-Man, Wanda, Vision, Loki, Black Panther, Gamora, Nick Fury, Winter Soldier.. and many, many other names have turned themselves to ashes.

Indeed according to what we witnessed, they are gone forever and can never come back. But no.. the fans absolutely don’t believe it. They believe that there is still a way back, there is still a future where the Avengers can turn the tide and bring back the souls wiped out by Thanos.


And the answer to that “revenge” journey is one of those who lay down in the infinity war. That is Doctor Strange. Yes exactly, although the master of magic and the protector of the Earth from the dark dimension is no longer in the world, he still has the last “card” that has not been revealed. That card is called Time Stone – Vien Time Stone.

Remember what Doctor Strange said when he met Iron Man and Spider-Man. There the Sorcerer Supreme affirms that “If danger comes and I have to choose between the stone and the life of you and the boy, I will always choose the stone…”. But when the plan to take the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos failed miserably because Star-Lord let his anger overwhelm himself, Doctor Strange unexpectedly gave the Time Stone to Thanos in exchange for Iron Man’s life. But the question here is why? Obviously not because of the affection for the new “comrades”. Throughout the length of the movie, Doctor Strange always shows himself as an extremely calculating person and puts the big picture above emotions.


The answer may lie in the scene where Doctor Strange hands the Time Stone to Thanos. We can see that the stone glows quite strongly, much different from the scenes of other stones. Not only that, when Thanos received the stone, he did not hold it directly, but only touched the surrounding halo. It was because of that anomaly that he gave Doctor Strange a questionable look, but ultimately accepted the Time Stone as real when he felt its power. So why doesn’t Thanos hold the stone directly and why does it glow during this transition? The theory is that during that time the Time Stone was operating.. all according to Doctor Strange’s calculations.


Doctor Strange with the power of the Time Stone able to send the stone itself to the future and appear right in front of the Avengers after Thanos snapped his fingers. Meanwhile, at the time when the Sorcerer had to give the stone to Thanos, he continued to call it back after the Avengers had finished using the stone’s power.
Therefore, Iron Man – a person famous for his ability to develop powerful technology, will have to live to be able to discover the power of the Time Stone and win. This forced Doctor Strange to trade the stone for his life. At the same time, we should also remember the time in the past when Thanos met Infinity Stones and erased half of the universe, accidentally causing the glove to be completely destroyed. Why? Because it is not possible to exist 2 instances of the Time Stone in the same dimension and cause the Gauntlet to be completely destroyed when trying to harness its power. This is most likely part of Doctor Strange’s plan now that Thanos is in a weak position before the Avengers’ revenge.

Not only that, readers should also remember the scene when Iron Man looked hopelessly at Doctor Strange before the Witch disappeared into the dust. That’s when Doctor Strange said, “I’m sorry, this is the only way..” For many of us, it could very well have been.. “I’m sorry, this is the only way to win. “


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