Who said Survival Heroes gamers only know how to play games, they are also talented artists

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A small minigame was launched by the Survival Heroes game operation team to warm up the gaming community a few days ago, the event has attracted the attention of a lot of players participating, just a few days after the event was released. Hundreds of drawings have “attacked” the mailbox of Survival Heroes fanpage.​

The beautiful – ugly drawing event was held a few days ago by the Survival Heroes game operation team.

Right from the launch of the minigame, few would have expected that in Survival Heroes community, is full of potential “talented” hands. Many characters in the game are gradually adapted according to each stroke, making each piece of equipment, each ingame outfit become familiar and strangely lovely.

Not only one, but there are countless excellent and potential drawings that are adapted by gamers from quite rough characters in the game.

For the game operation team, these are not just ordinary drawings, but crystals from the precious affection that the Survival Heroes gaming community has been giving the game. It is also from the meaning of these paintings that whether beautiful or ugly, they are priceless and unique treasures for Survival Heros.

Survival Heroes is the only mobile game currently combining two series of Survival and MOBA games. With unique gameplay, action-packed but also tactical, Survival Heroes makes a difference compared to most other Mobile games on the market.

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