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Adobe Illustrator CC is a vector graphics software developed for professional designers and illustrators. The tool is constantly being upgraded through updates. will provide an Adobe Illustrator review article and learn with you how Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 is more outstanding than the previous update, specifically Adobe Illustrator CC 2019.

Adobe Illustrator has dominated vector drawing applications since its launch in 1987, quickly becoming one of Adobe’s industry-standard graphic design tools, alongside Photoshop and InDesign. Adding to the already amazing collection of capabilities, Adobe continues to introduce many new features and enhancements that are sure to delight creators.

download adobe-illustrator cc 2020 and 2019 full

Link to download the latest Adobe Illustrator cc 2020 and Adobe Illustrator cc 2019 full version

So what’s outstanding about Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 version? We will learn about that shortly, and the download link for Adobe Illustrator CC 2020, CC 2019 FULL is also provided in the article.

1. Introduction to Adobe illustrator CC

Adobe Illustrator is professional vector graphics software in the world of Designer today. The software has many tools to help create products such as banner design, logo design, advertising background, programs, animations…

Millions of designers and artists use Illustrator to create everything from web icons and product packaging to illustrated books and billboards. Get all the drawing tools you need to turn simple shapes and colors into sophisticated logos, icons, and graphics. Illustrator artwork is vector based software, so it can scale down for mobile screens and sizes up to billboards and always look sharp and beautiful.

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3. Installation instructions

To be able to use Adobe illustrator CC, install and activate full, use forever, please follow our detailed installation instructions. here.

4. Outstanding features of Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 and CC 2019 download

4.1. What’s special about Adobe Illustrator CC 2020?

link to adobe illustrtor cc 2020 every day
Instructions to download and install the latest Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 update released in November 2019, while not offering as rich in features as previous updates, it is still warmly welcomed by designers. Here are some notable features of this 2020 release:

– Simplifying Paths makes working with paths easier by reducing the large number of unnecessary anchor points.

– Auto spell-check feature highlights typos as you type.

– Saving background allows you to switch to other tasks and export files faster than before.

– Faster rendering of shadows, blurs and glows.

– More accessible troubleshooting when opening or saving files.

– Provides new tutorials and resources from the Home and Learn tabs.

4.2. Notable features of Adobe Illustrator CC 2019

adobe illustrator cc 2019 full
Link to download adobe illustrator cc 2019 full

Here are the highlights of the 2019 release:

The Properties Panel provides context-dependent information and options about the currently selected objects.

– You can increase the size of the controls on the screen, including anchor points, handles and bounding boxes. This makes adjustments easier.

– For users who ever wanted to refine or rotate part of a drawing without distorting the whole, the Puppet Warp tool gives you the power to do so in a natural and intuitive way.

– PostScript (PS): Add Multiple Master (MM), TrueType (TT), OpenType (OT), and Variable (var) fonts.

– Microsoft Surface Dial support.

– Added support for CSV and XML in the Variables Panel.

– Import multiple PDF files with a single operation.

– Use software to browse Dropbox files without downloading them.

5. Adobe Illustrator Review

5.1. Rates and system requirements

Adobe Illustrator is only available through subscription. The standalone app costs $19.99/month if paid annually, or $29.99 paid monthly. A full suite including InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and more costs $49.99 per month. You will be able to try it for 7 days before deciding to buy.

link to adobe illustrator cc 2020 cc 2019 full

Illustrator is compatible with both Windows (7 SP1, 8.1, and Windows 10) and macOS (10.11 and later) operating systems. For both platforms, you will need an Internet connection to download Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 and register, as well as access online features, but can work offline.

5.2. Workspace workspace

Illustrator’s environment includes the same toolbars, panels, and context menus as InDesign and Photoshop. You can customize the flat, modern look of the software with dark, light and gray theme options, configure color schemes and menus, save your customizations, and return to the default screen later. there.

link tai adobe illustrator cc 2020 cc 2019 full 2

The software allows you to assign custom key commands (shortcuts in Illustrator), which further optimizes your workflow for any type of project. Illustrator supports multiple pages called Artboards. You can resize them using Illustrator’s multitude of presets, crop them with the Crop tool, or specify the width and height values ​​you want. Artboard control has been improved, with improvements to positioning and arrangement, as well as an increase in the maximum number of panels allowed.

5.3. The Appearance Panel and Properties Panel of adobe illustrator

Look Appearance Panel It’s not one of Illustrator’s prized default panels, but it’s supposed to be the center of control for information. With the Appearance Panel, you have full control over every aspect of an object or group’s properties including Fill, Stroke, Size, Opacity and Blending Mode. But this panel control is really impressive when you’re working with complex operations like creating multiple strokes, adjusting Illustrator Effects (like shadow, Feather, and glow effects), and rearranging or enabling layers. effect.

link to adobe illustrator cc 2020 cc 2019 full 3

Board Properties Panel appear in the workspace Essentials and when you choose Properties from the menu window. It displays frequently needed tools based on the current context, which means it changes what it shows depending on what you choose.

5.4. Tools Panel Tools Panel

Besides the Appearance panel, Adobe also provides a tool palette with everything you would expect in a professional graphic design application, as well as a number of unique features. Besides that are high-quality plugin packages, specially designed for Illustrator and updated regularly. You should also know that Illustrator can run custom scripts. You can use the script installed with the program, code it yourself (in Microsoft Visual Basic, AppleScript, JavaScript, and ExtendScript) or you can search online and find many automation scripts that add interesting functionality .

link to adobe illustrator cc 2020 cc 2019 full 4

Illustrator’s 8 portfolios of tools help you get things done, and they inspire exploration, too. By default, the software displays 5 tools and each tool is designed to select specific types of objects, groups, paths and points, and you can control more precisely through the menu. Preferences.

adobe illustrator cc 2020 cc 2019 full 5 . link

One feature coming with the 2019 update is Object > Path > Simplify tool. This tool can remove unnecessary anchor points. This tool keeps the path basically the same as it did, but you can adjust the number of anchor points with Reduce Anchor Point Slider.

Illustrator’s 18 drawing tools are sure to make you happy. Among them, the tool Pixel Perfect is a masterpiece, assisting in designing sharp web graphics with pixels along the grid. Tools Puppet Warp make small tweaks without having to select too many points and move them individually. This tool allows more comprehensive editing of complex shapes by creating a triangular mesh outline around your selection, allowing you to lock certain regions, while manipulating neighboring areas. , instead of having to work at each point.

Design Typography has 6 import tools, color with 8 tools including Live Paint tool, meeting the demand of coloring book craze, and Brush tool that allows you to create custom brushes (Pattern, Art, Scatter, Calligraphic or Bristle). In addition, you also have the Symbol Sprayer tool with 7 versions. With Sprayer’s sub-tools, you can control color spray density, randomness, color variation, and resizing with tools. Styler, Shifter, Scruncher, Screener, Sizer, Spinner tools and Stain.

link to adobe illustrator cc 2020 cc 2019 full 6

With 8 cutting and dividing tools, you get incredibly fine control over lines and shapes with tabs Pathfinder. Considering the popularity of data visualization and infographics, Illustrator satisfies users with 9 graphic tools that allow you to transform your data with different types of charts.

5.5. The hottest features to work, play and experiment on Adobe illustrator cc full

– Accurate drawing: Utilities like perspective grids create the foundation of perspective drawings and create multidimensional text effects, while axis angle constraints save time. Layers helps organize and separate elements in the drawing for easy access when making edits. Tools Pen Allows you to create vector paths, beautiful Bezier curves, define anchor points and handles.

– Copy, paste and export files: Illustrator supports converting many file types, including exporting files for print, web and mobile in formats like AutoCAD, BMP, CSS, JPEG, PDF, PNG, SVG, TIFF…

– Typography design: You can now assign replacements to entire blocks of text instead of having to assign glyphs one character at a time. Tools Touch Type revolutionary, allowing to reposition, rotate and resize individual letters within text blocks. You can precisely control the boldness, lightness, height and width of the letters with the sliders.

– Automation: Graphic Styles In Illustrator akin to Photoshop Styles, they are one-click mechanisms to automate applying properties to an object or typing text in a single step.
Adobe Illustrator is a must-have in the collection of design tools for any professional designer or illustrator. With it, you can design vector graphics for any project. What’s more, by tinkering with and taking advantage of Illustrator’s amazing extensibility, you can turn your app into a personalized dream digital world to unleash your creativity.

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