Lies Hoa Nhu Ca – Super beautiful from the novel to the game

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Burning Fire Like Ca is a best-selling martial arts novel series in China and was adapted into a movie this year. With the charm from the original and the movie gMo Lieh Hoa Nhu Ca has officially launched gamers who love this work. The game has the representation of famous Chinese actors such as Emperor Le Nhiet Ba, Zhang Bin Bin and also the two main actors in the movie of the same name. Of course, gamers who have fallen in love with the two main characters and movie content, this will be a game not to be missed.


At the beginning of the game, players will begin to choose their favorite character and profession. Each character class has its own set of skills and a completely different fighting style. However, each profession has two characters, male and female, for you to choose from.


If you’ve ever been infatuated with the scene described under the author’s pen of the whole novel, coming to the mobile world you will have to be more overwhelmed by the heart-stopping 3D graphics. Not too colorful, but the game’s graphics give players a feeling of being immersed in an ancient and mysterious Chinese space. The game is still a familiar third-person perspective for players to admire the character’s appearance and moves.


Lieh Hoa Nhu Ca owns a rich PVE gameplay, goes on missions, fights monsters and participates in World Boss battles that are constantly taking place and can make you sleep all night to feel the atmosphere. Bloody lake, of course, PVP and PK matches are indispensable, which every “bloodthirsty” gamer loves.


To increase the strength of your character, enhancement, summoned beast system or fashion is a must in a traditional role-playing game, all of these systems will greatly complement your character. in PK battles. Besides the gameplay system, the game is also a place for many gamers to make friends from around the world to share experiences, find teammates or pair up with highly interactive chat channels.

Currently the game is opening a beta with many activities, giving gifts… on the Android platform, you can download games at the link below:

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