DC’s “Bat Girl” will be penned by screenwriter Bumblebee

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American comic companies except Marvel Comics with series Avengers If you’re famous, there’s another company that’s equally popular, which is DC Comics. Cinematic Universe DC also created a superhero alliance like Avengers on the screen, that’s Justice League. Among the members of the Justice League group, the solo movie about the female superhero Woder Woman received the most support from the fans. Therefore, in the near future, DC intends to continue making movies about the female superhero who is about to be released. Batgirl.


According to known information, the movie is adapted from DC ComicsBatgirl was recently confirmed to begin filming soon. The screenplay will be written by the screenwriter of the film Bumblebee (from the Transformers universe) – penned by Christina Hodson. Previously, Joss Whedon was the director and screenwriter of Batgirlhowever, due to some bad scandals, he finally withdrew from the film crew at the end of February.

Joss Whedon was originally the screenwriter of Batgirl

…but then changed to Christina Hodson.

Christina Hodson is a film producer. In 2012, she wrote her first screenplay called Shut in, and also made Christina’s name blacklisted by screenwriters. Later, this script was brought to the big screen to become a horror movie Shut in (imprisoning the devil), starring female star Naomi Watts. In 2015, Christina joined the crew of Michael Bay and participated in space development projects Transformers. She was then chosen to be the main screenwriter for the film Bumblebee. The film is expected to be released later this year (2018).


As for the person appointed as the director and screenwriter of Bumblebee before – Joss Whedon, after the defeat of Justice Leaguethere were also rumors that he withdrew from this category, but the Warner Bros. corrected again. By February of this year, Joss Whedon himself announced that he would officially withdraw from the project Bumblebee. He said: Batgirl is a project that appeals to everyone, Warners and DC are also my close partners. But unfortunately, after spending months of research, I still have to admit that I can’t think of a good script for it.”

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