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Overview of the extremely weird version of PUBG, Swordsman X

Swordsman X essentially a game “eating chicken rice”, so there will also be 100 martial arts released into the map, because of the ancient style, so instead of sitting on a plane, you will be riding on a flying dragon. Yes, you did not hear wrong, through the video above, many people must have eyes with the letter o and mouth because of the uniqueness of PUBG this strange ancient version.

What about skydiving? Coming here, you will surely be even more shocked by the creativity of this game. The player is equipped with a set of wings that you can easily see in historical movies, objectively speaking, this vehicle does not limit the flight path like a parachute, allowing the player to move in the air and fly further. to other positions when jumping down.


With the style of a martial arts game, ancient PUBG will not appear guns when you go to loot items, the weapons in the game are just swords and of course there will be no scene where you eat bullets from a 98K gun aimed at shooting from a distance. miles in the head and then wonder why I died. Want to kill the opponent, forcing the player to come close, so there is only running, running and killing each other like martial arts in Chinese historical movies, besides with extremely beautiful moves. Instead of picking up accessories to retrofit your gun when looting, here players will receive moves to coordinate with the weapons you pick up and promote the most powerful.


The means of transportation in the game are of course no longer modern cars, but players will find horses to move. Essentially a game survival so players also have to run bo…


With the creativity in this genre of survival game, Swordsman X will certainly no longer be known as a “game similar to” PUBG like many previous games, because the gameplay has gone in a completely new direction. As mentioned, the game is still in beta and is expected to open this year on the Steam platform, all the latest information about the game will be updated as quickly as possible by Emergenceingame.Com, you can refer to the link for more information. :​

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