Download now Chinh Do Mobile 2 super product of the national war game is back

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Conqueror 2 is a mobile role-playing game of the national war genre from Giant Interactive, this is the next series based on the PC game Chinh Do 1, with Chinh Do 1 that has been storming for a while and received the love of people, whether Can this part 2 succeed?


Chinh Do 2 takes players to a fanciful ancient Chinese world, where 10 large countries are competing for dominance and tens of thousands of small countries are trying to form. The new breakthrough of the game is to support up to 1000 people to fight together and claim the world.


Entering the world of Chinh Do 2 mobile, players will be able to choose to transform into one of 6 character classes: Tien Cu, Soldiers Arrow, Summoning, Huyen Phap, Thien Vu and Minh An, each character class has skills. use their own weapons, complement each other in the process of teaming up in PVP matches, with solo battles, they develop their own unique abilities.


Chinh Do 2 will be a completely different product from the Chinh Do games currently available in the domestic market, with new features, with continuous top-notch battles, something that many gamers love. The National War is always longing. Right from the early days of testing the game, not only attracting players in the Chinese market but also internationally to participate, this further proves that the game has been half successful in conquering gamers.

The game is now open on Android with many activities and attractive gifts waiting for you to experience. download games here:​​

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