Thanks to PUBG, gamers survived after being attacked by their girlfriends with Katana

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Facing a killer is truly the scariest event in life. Facing someone who had just dropped a word of love on his knees and now had a katana in his hand… would be even more terrifying than that. Therefore, it is really rare for anyone to be able to overcome that fear and survive to tell the story. And Alex Lovell – a gamer PUBG is still being treated in the hospital, is one of such rare.


The story begins on the night of March 3 when police find Lovell lying in his bedroom, bleeding with a series of slashes and serious life-threatening injuries. Lovell’s girlfriend of two years, Emily Javier, is accused of attacking Alex with a Katana sword after getting jealous after finding Tinder in Alex’s phone and red hair in the sink. Emily, whose hair was dyed blue, was later charged with attempted murder.

Alex said that the reason Emily suddenly turned around and turned to kill her was because she thought he was sleeping with another woman. In fact, he thinks that his practice for PUBG too much and then no longer have the strength to be intimate with his girlfriend has caused Emily to misunderstand.

Alex Lowell.

However, the climax of the incident was when Emily found red hair in the wash as well as Tinder – a Mobile Dating App, in Alex’s phone. Emily then buys a Katana sword and 2 knives to feed her intending to kill Alex for daring to deceive her. Waiting for Alex to sleep, she used the light on her phone to observe the bedroom and attacked Alex with one hand while he was still dreaming. Fortunately for Alex, however, Emily held the sword in the opposite direction when she slashed the first two slashes. This allows Alex to wake up and be able to defend himself.

Sharing with OregonLive, Alex said that it is because playing PUBG 12-13 hours a day to improve reflexes combined with practicing Wing Chun after watching IP Man … has allowed him to hold out against his friend. girl. Finally Alex took a stance long enough to reassure Emily.

Emily Javier.

Alex was eventually found by the police with three fingers almost severed, his knee almost cut in half and his foot about to be severed. Convincing Emily to see what she was doing and to call the police saved his life from blood loss.

Explaining about Tinder, Alex insists he has never installed it on his phone since the beginning of his relationship with Emily. Meanwhile about the red hair that fell on the sink, Alex said it was dog hair and his beard itself is also red. Emily Javier is currently in custody awaiting trial at the Clark County Jail.

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