Let’s see the bulletproof ability of the pressure cooker lid in Knives Out

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Like many players Knives Out As you know, the pressure cooker lid is a pretty effective firearm, besides it also comes with bullet resistance, so are you curious about its durability? To answer this question, a gamer recently did a test to test the durability with this lid and received unexpected results.

Test 1: Central defense


In the first test, this gamer shot straight into the center of the pressure cooker lid, after firing 10 rounds, all 10 rounds were impenetrable. Continuing to fire several more times, the pressure cooker remained unharmed and blocked all the bullets.
Conclusion: The above results prove that the pressure cooker lid can be perfectly bulletproof in the middle position.

Test 2: Left defense


Through the animation below, it can be seen that when the player shoots to the left of the cap, the character has taken damage. In the test, about 20 bullets were fired, but the cap only stopped 3 bullets, 15% bulletproof efficiency.
Conclusion: The bullet resistance on the left side of the cap is low.

Test 3: Right defense


In this test, there were also 20 bullets fired, the cap holds 13 rounds, bulletproof efficiency 63%, much higher than the left.

Test 4: Defend while running


After many tests, they succeeded in shooting the pressure cooker lid in the running state, the results show that if the pressure cooker lid runs through the enemy’s bullets, you can rest assured that you have it. protect.

Test 5: “Racquet of bullets”


In this last test, the player did a very cool experiment that reminded me of badminton, and you can see the animation below, the cap can be used as a weapon to smash bullets, prevent bullets from hitting people.

Through the above test you have better understand the use of this weapon, each performance position is not the same, you can pass this test to use it properly and maybe with this weapon you will win. get top 1.​

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