“Frustrated” with Getting Over It – The game is both weird and funny, causing a storm on PC

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Games are always a place to sprout creative ideas.. but sometimes those ideas go too far and become products that can’t be more bizarre. Of course, on the one hand, there are weird games at a normal average level that are temporarily acceptable, on the other side, there are games that as soon as you see them, you will immediately shut up, just sit there staring at the screen and wonder where this world is going.


Getting Over It – the game is causing a storm on the system Steam of PC, is a prime example of that. The idea of ​​this little game is nothing special, at least not in the sense that you think it is. With no opening or introduction, no context and also forgetting the plot, Getting Over It lets gamers play the role of a man sitting in a pot. Yes, in the pot!


Yes exactly, you did not hear wrong. The man without a piece of cloth covering his body and sitting neatly in the pot is the only character of Getting Over It. What is this man’s sole objective? That is how to climb as high as possible, overcome all kinds of upside down buildings with just a hammer. Gamers from here will start using this hammer to perform all kinds of different moves.. it is against it to the ground to trap me in the air, to dive into the ledge to pull the man’s body up or simply. Just pick somewhere safe.


However, just one small mistake and everything you do will be in vain, throwing the strange man back to the original starting position. Remember, Getting Over It has no saves or checkpoints, so be prepared to buy a new monitor if you don’t know how to control your anger outbursts. And as if to poke more gamers into punching the keyboard, every time you fail, there will be the embroiled voice of a certain goddamn name resounding, quoting famous quotes about life and the ability to control life. anger control. Not believe? You can watch the Youtuber’s video date ATROPHIC nice PewDiePie right below to understand Getting Over It how does it $@%%@(%@% come!!

If you feel like buying a new keyboard or monitor, you can Download Getting Over It here:

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