Phong Chi Sword Dance – Beautiful and already with the new MMORPG on Mobile

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Wind Chi Sword Dance continue to be a game MMORPG Taking the theme of the first half from China, after the last test, the game has been officially released on both Android and iOS platforms so far.


The game applies 3D graphics and the most advanced techniques today, so the light effects when the character strikes, the character’s movements are very vivid, giving players a real feeling like watching a movie. Regardless of the graphics of the scene, or the characters, summoned beasts, and mounts in Chi Luu Kiem style, they are extremely excellent, combining the rhythm of the background music to immerse players in the game, providing a super experience. As real as seeing with your own eyes, touching with your own hands.


The career system in the game includes Van Thuong with a knack for long-range combat, U Minh and Kiem Tong with a knack for close combat, each profession includes a set of 6 skills and different advantages and disadvantages. The classic gameplay of the role-playing game has been refreshed by the developer Phong Chi Kiem Vu, adding a lot of interesting content. The familiar PVP, PVE gameplay and BOSS battles certainly do not disappoint fans of the first half game. Players can join Tien Minh (仙盟) with their brothers to drink alcohol to relieve their sorrows, or form a team together in copies.


With role-playing games, the marriage system is indispensable, you are completely free to make friends, date, talk to other gamers, if you feel compatible, the two characters will go to marriage. Besides, the game also integrates a screen capture mode, allowing you to pause the game to capture beautiful scenes, can add stickers or adjust colors for photos depending on your preferences.


Just officially released not long ago, so if you join the game today, there are many activities and attractive rewards waiting. Together download games about and experience.

You can download the game here:​​

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