Learn more about the 3DS hack and Nintendo board problem

Hack 3DS also known unlocking machine 3DS (2DS) is a form of order play game copy for free instead of spending money to buy games. In this article, nShop does not discuss the debate about whether or not to, the bad or the good of the 3DS hacking problem, but goes into depth about the limitations and solutions when playing 3DS hack to help you Beginners have a clearer view!

3DS hack is banned online

What is banned 3DS hacking machine (2DS)?

When it comes to the disadvantages and limitations of hacking (New) Nintendo 2DS – 3DS (XL) The first thing that needs to be mentioned is the engine! So what is your machine? Many of you misunderstand the machine board means that the machine will be damaged and not turned on. In fact, ban is the term used to describe Nintendo (Service provider side) will kick you out of their online service by detecting you playing the copy game (Copy – crack).

hack the Nintendo 3ds game machine

For PC games – online games are banned, which means you can no longer play because the game is attached to online services. However for a console game console – handheld (Like 2DS – 3DS or Nintendo Switch) online only makes your computer unable to access online services (The updates, additional downloads – DLC or join the competition with people online) but still play the main part is offline (Most game consoles are offline games – online is just a bonus).

From that to define the exact game hack, we will understand that when you crack the 3DS game machine to play the copy game, you can only play that game in offline mode – cannot play online. Or when you play online you will suffer “to scan“and “kick” Permanently from the online server.

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The cause of the 2DS – 3DS machine board

Basic and clear when the computer is banned: Hack 3DS connect online to play games. However, some other causes such as cheat by editing the save file (Nintendo’s top priority when shipping).

Why does someone play online all year without any problems, but the shop keeps trying to hack and can’t be online?

Nintendo is not really strict with hacking for 2DS and 3DS machines. So usually 6 months – 1 year the new company has phase “sweep” let you go online once. Usually when you play online copy games, the server records it and saves it. Waiting for a beautiful day, the company will open a series. Therefore, some players have not seen anything for the whole year, some people have just “put their heads” online and have been banned.

I don’t play online, why are I banned? The day before, I tried to connect Mario Kart 7 to see that I was banned?

. You don’t have to be online. Just needing the hacking machine and having internet connection even once is enough for your computer to send the log file to the server and this one you connect to the game to check if you are still online, it is the date of receiving the notification. (In fact, when you “try to check online”, it also means you’re online.).

Say that since I hacked my computer, I won’t be online so that I won’t be banned online, right?

Right and wrong. You will not be banned online from Nintendo but banned online from … yourself. When you’re offline, it’s no different from being banned. In fact, let’s accept the trade-off, if you want to play cheaply, if you save money, don’t use the added service. Want to be online, let’s play a copyrighted game using a copyrighted computer!

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Should playing 3DS hack save money?

The answer is up to you. If possible, play copyrighted games in support of the publisher or game maker. However if playing hack, don’t “bitter” the online ban, but calmly accept as a fact: You cannot afford to pay for the service (Including the purchase of copyrighted games) I can’t play online, I can only play it offline.

Buy Nintendo Switch Online

The way Nintendo and other companies associate their games with their online services to make them more attractive is also a way for gamers to consider playing more copyrighted games. At the same time, the online issue occurs in most hacking systems such as PS4, 2DS, 3DS, Nintendo Switch …

Some nShop customers also confirmed that playing 3DS – 2DS hacking machine understands and does not have the need to play online, there is not enough cost to cover long-term copyright games. Others have unlocked the device because they can take advantage of it homebrew play emulator NES, SNES, GBA … on 2DS – 3DS Hand held quite convenient.

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