Details of the Systems in the latest Truth Arena

In the previous posts, EmergenceInGame shared with you some basic information about champions, race in the game Arena Truth. What about the What is system in this strategy game? How to understand correctly? How many Chess Systems are there as of this moment? Please refer to the article below!

If the races in The Arena of Truth there is a change from season 1 to season 3 General system Looks more stable, is still those Familiar class For players, in addition, Riot has added several systems to diversify gameplay.

Truth Arena season 3 – Infinite Thien Ha has a total of 13 Systems – Class. Include:

1. Sword Visitor (Blademaster)

Blademaster - Blademaster in The Arena of Truth
Blademaster – Blademaster in The Arena of Truth

Sword-type heroes have the ratio of two additional hits to their target (based on the number of allied champions of the same type on the first floor), dealing damage similar to basic attacks and abilities.

  • 3 allies: 30% rate.
  • 6 allies: 55% rate.

2. Gunners (Blaster):

Gunners System - Blaster
Gunners System – Blaster

Each 4th attack of these Gunners-type generals will launch additional basic attacks or attacks on enemies based on the number of allied heroes of the same type on the field. Specifically:

  • 2 allies: hit 2 more attacks.
  • 6 allies: hit 5 more attacks.

3. Gladiator (Brawler):

Brawler System - Brawler
Brawler System – Brawler

Hero-type Heroes will receive an additional maximum health depending on the number of allies of the same type. Specifically:

  • 2 allies: 300 more health.
  • 4 allies: 750 extra health.

4. Demolitionist:

Demolitionist - Demolitionist
Demolitionist – Demolitionist

Damage from Explosive-type abilities will stun the target for 1.5 seconds (each cast). Two champions of the same Explosive system are required to activate.

5. Infiltrator:

Secret System -
Infiltrator – Infiltrator

When the battle starts, Secret-type generals will move behind the enemy and gain attack speed 6 seconds after the start of combat.

  • 2 allies: 50% attack speed increase.
  • 4 allies: 80% attack speed increase (cooldown on target kills).
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6. Mana-Reaver:

Phantom Thief -
Mana Reaver – Mana Reaver

The basic attacks of Maou-type generals will increase the amount of mana required to cast the opponent’s skills by 40%. Specifically:

  • 2 allies: effects on the opponent’s normal attack at the start of the match.
  • 4 allies: effects on all of the opponent’s skills.

7. Mercenary:

Foreign Army System -
Mercenary System – Mercenary

Their magic upgrades can be purchased in the Shop Shop.

8. Mystery (Mystic):

Mystery System - Mystic
Mystery System – Mystic

Mystery-type heroes will increase the magic resistance of allies of the same type on the field. Specifically:

  • 2 allies: 30 magic resist.
  • 4 allies: 120 magic resist.

9. Protector:

Protector - Protector
Protector – Protector

Guardians have the ability to self-armor based on their maximum health within 4 seconds of casting the ability. Specifically:

  • 2 allies: armor equal to 20% of maximum health.
  • 4 allies: armor equal to 35% of maximum health.

10. The Sorcerer (or the Witch) (Sorcerer):

Sorcerer or Mage System
Sorcerer or Mage System

All allied generals of the same type will be buffed with magical attack power. Specifically:

  • 2 allies: 20% increase in magic power.
  • 4 allies: 40% increase in magic power.
  • 6 allies: 80% increase in magic power.

11. Sniper:

Sniper System - Sniper
Sniper System – Sniper

For each cell between ADC champions and the enemy, damage increases by 12%. Activated only when there are 2 ADC champions on the field.

12. Starship:

Starship - Starship
Starship – Starship

The Fleet-type Hero is capable of gaining 20 mana per second, moving around the ring, immune to limited effects, reducing movement ability. But can not beat!

13. Vanguard:

Vanguard - Vanguard
Vanguard – Vanguard

Pioneering champions have the ability to increase armor. Specifically:

  • 2 allies: increased by 60 armor.
  • 4 allies: increased by 250 armor.

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