Animal Crossing Theme for iPhone iOS 14 & Android phones

Undeniably the hotness of Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch and until today this fever has not cooled down. On the occasion of Apple launching iOS 14 that allows you to customize the phone interface more, more personal, nShop shares you with the Animal Crossing theme. (Applies to iPhone iOS 14 & Android phones). Let’s try it out!


Animal Crossing Theme for iPhone iOS 14 & Android phones

– Link to download the Animal Crossing Theme set for iPhone iOS 14 & Android phones:

– Instructions on iPhone iOS 14:

✦ You download it directly by your phone then go to the ‘Files’ app to extract

✦ Create shortcuts through the Shortcuts app in iOS 14

Shortcuts> Create new shortcut > add (+) Add Action > Apps > select the app you want to link to> click the icon (three dots) in the upper right corner> Add to Home Screen > Click on Icon below and choose Choose File then replace the icon you want to change, and name it Shortcuts.

✦ Continue to create new Shortcuts until the full look you want to change

Instruction video:

class = “videorespon”>

– Instructions on Android:

✦ unzip folder to collect contents

✦ download the Novalauncher app to customize the look of your phone

Instruction video:

Some beautiful Wallpaper Animal Crossing are included in the theme to download:

wallpaper animal crossing nshop 01

wallpaper animal crossing nshop 02

wallpaper animal crossing nshop 03

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