5 things you should try to do with your Nintendo Switch in 2020

Owning a Nintendo Switch brings endless joy to most gamers the number of games or more is infinite and one more The long list of good games awaits in 2020. However, that is not enough, the following 5 interesting things you should try at least once in 2020 to have more enjoyable experiences!

Nintendo Switch in Male 2020

1 / Reshape the Nintnedo Switch with cooler accessories / covers

Do you often play games in handheld mode and take your camera out? Then give it a try “change shape” My game machine with cool stuff like transparent cover for Nintendo Switch Hey, change the Joy-con color according to the device or simply attach Joy-con D-Pad Hori help machine add “matter”!

Buy and sell cheap HORI D-Pad Controller Joy-con Left Nintendo Switch Mario

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If you wonder what a Joy-con D-Pad Hori is, it simply looks exactly like a Nintendo Joy-con, but has the feature of replacing the 4-button charge cluster on the left side into a D-Pad cluster to help you play games. in easier handheld mode (Especially with 2D scene games like New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe). In addition, the style of these Joy-con D-Pad Hori types is also beautiful & luxurious although the price is quite soft.

HORI D-Pad Controller Joy-con Left Nintendo Switch Zelda accessory

The reason is that these Joy-con are produced by Hori – Japan’s No. 1 accessory company and the patterns and logos of the game version are copyrighted with Nintendo. High quality stamped offline!

Store selling HORI D-Pad Controller Joy-con Left Nintendo Switch Pikachu

If one day suddenly get bored of the prototype design, adding a little salt to your Nintendo Switch is also an interesting thing to try right!

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2 / Interesting experience with Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo as one “invention” great fun from Nintendo and really cool for you to try. Don’t be for the factor … “looks childish” but miss it! In fact, each of us gamers is just a child in an adult’s body ^^ Nintendo Labo will give you a ticket back to your childhood with your imagination flying away. From assembling robos, guitars, controlling cars and airplanes to experimenting with virtual reality.

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If there is a to-do list with the Nintendo Switch in 2020, then Labo will definitely be a top priority product on that checklist!

Check out the Labo list: Click

3 / Train yourself with the Nintendo Switch game

Buying a Nintendo Switch, but if you just click and press, it doesn’t make much difference to PS4, maybe you will play exclusive Nintendo Switch titles instead. PS4 exclusive game. Therefore, take advantage of games that support motion control to exercise health, to show everyone around you that playing games is not always possible. “pointless” and “buzzing” all In which the top 1 recommendation is always Ring Fit Adventure – A game trusted by many experts and gamers!

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However, if you feel the price of Ring Fit is too expensive (Although chopped into pieces) You can also try other games “affordable” but also forged good health such as:

4 / Step by step professionalize your “career” for gamers

It is the journey of every gamer from chicken to pro. If you love the Nintendo Switch then give it a try step by step professionalization “career” My gamers from simple things like:

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  • Buy one Pro Controller controller to play hardcore games better
  • Experience it all AAA game on the Nintendo Switch in the most complete way
  • Write review / instructions for the game to send to game@nshop.com.vn for sharing and royalties
  • Buy a capture card to stream Nintendo Switch games with the community – something that few Vietnamese gamers do (Mainly PS4 and PC games).

capture video record card Nintendo Switch

And so much more that you can do for yourself in 2020 from the very beginning is just buying a Nintendo Switch to play games.

5 / Invite more people to play Nintendo Switch with me

The bottom line is what Nintendo aspires to put most in its product and hopes that you will understand it: Don’t ever play games alone. Have fun with your family, turning the game console into a true home entertainment device instead of just plugging in a single mode player.

Best Nintendo Switch game played by multiplayer

Try the list Top game Nintendo Switch or play family – friends from 4 people or Top Nintendo Switch game to play during Tet 2020 with family so that the whole family is always filled with laughter when it comes to the game! This is also the time for you “orientation” Play games and entertainment again, dispel bad prejudices about the game!

Nintendo Switch accessories

Nintendo Switch tape game

Above are the little sharing of nShop to “have fun” for you in this new year. Hopefully we will still be together along the way in 2020 and Nintendo will release more good games, more interesting products to entertain this colorful game world! Wish you all have a very happy and happy Tet holiday with your family with Nintendo Switch!

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