What PS4 accessories do I need to equip when buying a device? Top 5 for you!

Top 5 essential PS4 accessories

The world of PS4 accessories is quite diverse and colorful, but not all are necessary and optimized for users. There are accessories that you feel are good like the stand cum PS4 game box holder but when in reality, leave the disc next to the game console hot “fiery” This is completely not good at all, but adding to the disc box so that more dust is put on the display glass cabinet.

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vlog showcases the top 5 PS4 console accessories

Today, nShop will introduce you to some essential PS4 accessories to buy and its pros and cons so that you have a better look before you spend unfair money!

PS4 accessories should be purchased first when available: Radiator fan

With a high-profile gaming machine like the PS4, heat generation is always a matter that needs to be dealt with immediately and always upon purchase to be able to ensure the machine’s durable and long-term operation even after the warranty expires. If taking good care of the machine including doing well the heat dissipation problem (The play space is cool, supporting the heat dissipation with extra accessories), clean your PS4 thoroughly every year then your Playstation can still be running for 10 years (Like PS1, PS2, PS3 still have many machines running very buffalo until now).

PS4 dobe heatsinks

In addition to the use of increasing the amount of air circulating inside the machine, the PS4 radiator fan also has the utility to block out some dust without causing harm like the dust filter. Please add that some of you attaching PS4 accessories such as dust filter to the device without a fan will heat the device and quickly damage because the circulation is blocked.

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Advantages: Quick and quick solution to help PS4 cooler, prevent dust from getting into the device somewhat.

Weakness: Not genuine Sony products (Click to see a list of genuine Sony accessories), there is only a third company like Dobe so the durability of this radiator fan is “bad luck” for only 1-2 years, the fan will not run as efficiently as at first or fail. However, the price of this accessory is quite cheap, so a few years of replacement is not too sorry for the value it brings.

Stand (stand) for PS4

If you are in doubt PS4 should be left lying or standing And finally, to choose a solution to stand, this is an extremely necessary accessory. PS4 itself all generations from Fat to Slim, Pro are able to stand without a stand. However, if you want to be sure, long-term use will help a lot.

Leave the PS4 standing or lying down

From the design of Sony, the machine has supported both vertical and horizontal. However, when standing, it is necessary to have an extra leg to help the machine be more stable.

With just a little extra money, your PS4 stands firmly in a stable position and avoids falling due to a collision causing undue consequences.

Advantages: Helps the machine stand more firmly

Weakness: No, unless you leave your PS4 lying down you don’t need it.

PS4 controller charging dock

The PS4 accessory that nShop wants to mention next is none other than the PS4 handheld charging dock. You may find that charging Dualshock 4 with a more convenient cable can both play and charge, but leaving it rolling on the table will be aesthetically pleasing, not tidy.

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The PS4 controller charging dock can charge 2 handles at the same time, with an indicator light when fully charged. Not only that, when you finish playing, this is also a hand-held stand with high aesthetics instead of leaving somewhere on the table.

Advantages: Charge 2 handles at the same time. There is an indicator light when the battery is full and automatically disconnects the charger when fully charged.

Weakness: Can’t play and charge at the same time

PS4 controller silicone case

Some gamers have problems with sweaty hands when playing PS4 games for a long time, the controller will corrode over time creating a shade on the outside of the controller case. The solution to protect the handle is always beautiful and durable (Excessive hand sweat will penetrate the moisture core into the Dualshock 4’s firm circuit and damage the keys) then the controller silicone is the PS4 accessory you need!

game shop selling hand guard ps4 dualshock 4

The small value brings great benefits, in addition to this silicon cover also comes with 2 analog covers to decorate and beautify!

Advantages: Helps to keep the handle beautiful even after many years of use

Weakness: Will hold no “hands” like at “use vegetarian”. Of course, everything can be lost, depending on your consideration to see whether to buy or not.

Dualshock grip 4

Sounds a bit wasteful? What do the handles need to carry? But in fact, nothing can be done without using it, mainly suited to your needs or not. For example a beautiful day “best friend” PES stone house but its house only has 1 dualshock 4 hand or the handle of the house, the old key is not so happy with my hand. (Everyone’s hand is used to that hand) then instead of putting in backpacks prone to need analogue (Heavy can cause analog drift) you can put it in the dualshock grip 4.


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Squeeze container also has an additional effect that is dustproof when left at home for a long time not in use instead of leaving alone on the table.

Advantages: Dustproof at home, anti-drift analog – button light when put in backpack

Weakness: Not available.

Above are the top 5 PS4 accessories that you should buy when owning the device, depending on how important you feel, you can buy some or all of the above. Glad to receive more shares from other gamers with the comments below for nShop to update more for everyone to refer!

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