League of Legends has released a general 139 named Zoe

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Riot officially launches the 139th general Zoe – the Master of Variation, can steal up to 40 auxiliary spells and equipment from enemies With the ability to turn unpredictable virtual as the name suggests, she will be the dream of many League of Legends gamers.

Despite possessing such powers, she often shuns the responsibility of blowing bubbles, making fun of ordinary people. But do not let Zoe’s childish appearance deceive, invite you to follow Zoe’s skill set to clearly see her power:

Zoe - The Master of Variation

Sparkling Sparkle (Passive)

After using the ability, the next basic attack will deal bonus magic damage.

Paddle Star (Q)

Capable of firing a star dealing magic damage in a small area, re-activating Q on the flight path to redirect the star to a new location next to her. The star’s damage increases based on the distance it has traveled.

Paddle Star (Q)

Magic thief (W)

If you see a powerful buff falling from a far side of combat, use the Piercing Ring (R) to take it, then quickly return to the backline. Zoe is capable of stealing up to 40 auxiliary spells from enemies.

Sleeping balloons (E)

Zoe throws an exploding orb upon hitting the first target, dealing magic damage, causing them to fall into a dream state. After a few seconds, enemies hit by a dreamy effect will sleep for a moment, then take additional magic damage from their next basic attack or ability. When an enemy sleeps, this ability’s cooldown is reduced.

If the ball does not hit anyone will exist on the ground as a trap, while thrown against the wall will increase the range.

Penetration ring (R)

Teleport to the designated position immediately, then fly again. While teleporting, you can use skills, attack, and extend your vision. However, you are not allowed to move freely.

With the ability to steal this supplemental spell, this 139th general will bring League of Legends gamers very interesting battles.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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