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In EverWing, you have many ways to earn gold, items, cups and experience. However, there is another way for you to “plow” items, money and experience. That is doing the task (Quest) in EverWing, then the exact information of these missions, let’s see for details of these tasks.

1. Information about all the missions in EverWing

1. Whispering Forest


Mission duration: 24 hours

Reward: x10

Unlock levels: N / A

Description: Whispering Forest It is a place full of haunts and mysterious phenomena. It is said that terrible creatures lurk within, making magical whispers coming from the depths of the forest. Once you enter, you’ll be able to get out. Pay attention and try to avoid this forest.

2. Mystic Island

Quest 2

Mission duration: 30 minutes

Reward: x1

Unlock levels: 3

Describe: The Mystic Islands are truly mysterious. But beware, these islands are home to a host of dangerous monsters. On land, in the air, and under water scary monsters are everywhere. Do you have the courage to visit this deadly place and complete your quest?

3. Shadow Dojo

Quest 3

Mission duration: 1 hour

Reward: twelfth

Unlock: Not available but Requires you to watch a Promotional Video

Describe: Shadow Dojo used to be home Guardians Jade Shadow. But for some reason, it was overrun by monsters. What was once a mysterious and reclusive place has become more frightening in the presence of monsters. Rumor has it that in its darkest corner is a mysterious treasure.

4. Silverwind Desert

Quest 4

Mission duration: 2 o’clock

Reward: x4

Unlock levels: 8

Describe: Dusty and vast, desert Silverwind is definitely not a place where you can mess up. It looked heavy and empty, but underneath the sand was a dreadful death. The monsters are waiting to devour uninvited guests, only to add their remnants to the dust that makes up the desert.

5. City Of Storms

Quest 5

Mission duration: 2 o’clock

Reward: 20

Unlock: Not available but requires you to watch a Promotional Video

Describe: Before, City Of Storms was Sky Prisonwhere escaping is almost impossible. Lightning storms frequently occur in this city, preventing criminals from escaping easily. Currently, it is unprotected and has become the breeding ground for ferocious monsters.

6. Darkfire Volcanos

Quest 6

Mission time: 8 o’clock

Multiplier: x16

Unlock levels: 22

Describe: Lava and fire is what you will see everywhere in Darkfire Volcanoes. Add hordes of demons and burning monsters in the conflict and will give you an anger. If you want to test your courage against the Darkfire volcano, be prepared for the biggest test of your life and be careful when playing with fire.

7. Cloud Peak Mountains

Quest 7

Mission duration: 4 o’clock

Reward: x8

Unlock levels: 13

Describe: The Cloud Peak mountain range looks splendid and majestic on the outside, but once you set foot on this mountain, death will surely await you. And strength is needed to challenge these mountains. Are you prepared to conquer the mountains yet.

8.The Neverend

Quest 8

Mission duration: 24 hours

Multiplier: x48

Unlock levels: 30

Describe: If there was a more dreadful place than anywhere else, it was The Neverend. It is a place that stretches endlessly. It is said that monsters are derived from there. Comes with the extremely heavy danger that the reward is also quite valuable. If you have the strength to stand above it all, go to Neverend. This is the most dangerous and valuable mission you can do.

2. Frequently asked questions when doing the task

1. What is the reward of the quest?

When you complete quests, you gain experience and money. Experience and money are quest rewards.

2. What is the multiplier of the assignment?

The task multiplier indicates the value of each assignment. For example the reward factor x10, the reward obtained will be multiplied by 10. The reward criterion is 1000 coins, the actual reward of the quest multiplied by 10 becomes 10,000 coins.

3. Does Guardian level affect quest rewards?

Guardian’s level affects quest rewards. The higher the level of Guardians sent to the quest, the higher the reward, keeping in mind the elements of Guardians are very important to the quest.

4. Does Guardian’s ability affect quest rewards?

Fiona EverWing - EmergenceingameLily EverWingSophia EverWing

Only 3 Guardians are capable of influence in the quest: Fiona, Sophia and Lily. Fiona raises his dragon level while on a quest. Sophia can cut the time spent on any task in half. Lily has the ability to double coins even on external missions.

5. Do Dragons affect quest rewards?

Yes, the level of the Dragons had an effect on the quest reward, the higher the Dragon level, the greater the reward. Note that the Dragons’ element in the quest is not very effective.

6. Does Dragon’s ability affect quest rewards?

No, the Dragon’s abilities have no effect on the reward of the quest. There is one exception Estel – Estelis – Lysenthius is likely to reduce the duration of the quest


7. Which Guardians are best for performing a mission?

It is a combination of Sophia and Lily. Sophia is twice as likely to end quests as compared to other Guardians, and Lily gets double the bounty, both of which receive the same rewards as the other Guardians. But if we add “experience” to the elements, then there is no denying that Sophia is the queen of duties.

Above is all the information about the quests in EverWing and how to conquer them, so remember to choose for yourself the right Guardians and Dragons to perform the Quest in the best way.

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