ARK Survival Evolved: The dinosaurs with the greatest payload on the ground


In ARK: Survival Evolved, dinosaurs not only help players fight, collect or provide a plentiful source of food, but they can also tame to help transport people or goods. Let’s join to learn about the dinosaurs with the largest payload on the ground in ARK Survival Evolved.


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The dinosaurs with the biggest payload on the ground in ARK Survival Evolved

Top 1 – Titanosaur


Of course top 1 must have belonged to the largest sized dinosaur – Titanosaur. The capacity of this dinosaur belongs to oversized goods 50,000, far beyond any dinosaurs in the game.

Top 2 – Brontosaurus


Brontosaurus actually had an astonishing capacity, if not for the Titanosaur’s oversized animals – 1600. Brontosaurus has the ability to hold huge resources, and their attack range is also very large so this is a very popular species in the game. In addition, Brontosaurus is often used to find resources in remote places.

Top 3 – Paraceratherium


With load capacity 800, Although only half the size of Brontosaurus, but Paraceratherium is still a very large dinosaur species (can carry on the back of a house). In addition to meeting the needs of players such as transporting resources, food … being able to carry an entire house on his back has helped Paraceratherium become a relatively safe means of transportation for nomads.

Top 4 – GOocus


GOocus’s appearance is quite similar to that of Brontosaurus, however in size they are much smaller. A GOocus also has decent loads 800However, it is not possible to carry the house on back. Instead, this species can carry a sizable population (11 people), which is very useful for collective migration.

Top 5 – Woolly Rhino

Woolly Rhino

Woolly Rhino resembles a giant rhino. And in fact, this is also the ancestor of today’s rhino. Woolly Rhino is sizable – 750. The tribes use Woolly Rhino mainly to obtain raw materials from trees, transport resources for battles and engage in fighting with their destructive kicks.

Above are the top dinosaurs with the largest payload in ARK Survival Evolved. Wish you have fun playing the game and see you in the next posts!

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