Secrets of effective defense in FIFA Online 3

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FIFA Online 3 is a very attractive online football game, participating in the game, players are immersed in top-notch matches right on their computer, enjoying the feeling of being played on the pitch.

To be a great coach, quickly lead your team to win, in addition to attacking you need to pay attention to defense, because a bad defense will easily be conceded by the opponent. any time. To improve your skills, as well as defense tactics, you need the perfect combination of skills, tactics, formation and bravery.

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In the article below, will help you understand the 3 main types of skills in defense, as well as give tips and advice for effective defense in FIFA Online 3.

Effective defense skills in FIFA Online 3

1. Painting the ball:

When playing the ball, the player must touch, crush and rush into the ball with the opposing player, and even push the other player away so that they cannot get the ball. Use the following keys to control the ball picture:

  • Key D: Pressure.
  • Key E + D: Lpond into ball dispute.
  • Key Q + D: Two to one.

Secrets of effective defense in FIFA Online 3

In the case of a balloon competition:

  • If standing in front of the opponent: Hold tight key C while pressing the back button (← or →) on the player to perform the technique of crushing the ball from the air. When the balloon approaches, press key D or S to hit or pass back to home field.
  • If standing behind the opponent: Hold tight key C and press the forward direction button to push the opponent (← or →). In case the opponent is taller in height and health, then quickly press key C to control the player to run in front of the opponent to rest.

2. Cut the ball:

Interception is the use of technical movements necessary to block or destroy an opponent’s passes. Usually, the structure of cutting technique consists of three main stages: Selecting the position, the moment of cutting the ball and the movement. You should calculate carefully to control the player accurately, predict the opponent’s passing situation and when the opponent passes the ball to the next player, rush to cut the ball, block the opponent’s pass. To cut the ball, use the following keys:

  • Key S: Change people.
  • Key C + D: Defense walk.

Secrets of effective defense in FIFA Online 3

3. Sliding the ball:

Sliding the ball is a risky element but contributes to the success of defense in any match, this skill requires precise maneuvering otherwise you will easily get yellow and red cards. or dangerous free kicks. If the tackling is done successfully, the player will regain his advantage.

Secrets of effective defense in FIFA Online 3

When performing a tackling technique, the player leans out, uses his foot to block, block or get the ball under the opponent’s control. When you do this, you must take the appropriate position to execute the shots “tackling”, at the same time limiting the enemy’s range to create favorable conditions for the defenders to well perform their tasks. Use key A to tuck the ball.

Effective defense in FIFA Online 3

1. Defense quality

When choosing a defense you must pay attention to the quality of the player to be able to defend firmly, for the midfielder, you should choose those who are over 1m85 and over 80kg in weight to be able to compete. Some typical players today such as: Hummel WC, Rio Ferdinand 06, J.Terry 08 … As for winger and defensive midfielder, it is not necessary to pay attention to height, weight, but to Choose someone with good speed and ability to dispute.

Secrets of effective defense in FIFA Online 3

2. Choose the right location

To achieve optimal defensive effectiveness, coaches must have a logical mindset to choose and arrange each position in the defense properly. Just “A miss by a mile” right. So the right position is a very important factor that makes the victory in Fifa Online 3.

3. Use the Q key properly

Q key in the game Fifa Online 3 used to call your players along with the rest of your team. This is a great way to defend firmly, but if you use the Q key incorrectly, you can completely kill your defense, so you must be extremely careful.

To master the Q key, players need to pay attention:

  • Whenever the opponent passes the ball Q should be fired immediately. When you press and hold Q, the player closest to the ball will rush to steal the ball until the home team steals it or the player releases the Q key. If the opponent passes the ball around the field and you do not release the Q key, that player will run until exhausted. Therefore, press Q to change player pressure to ensure player’s fitness, ensure team distance and enhance defense effectiveness.

Secrets of effective defense in FIFA Online 3
Release the Q key so that the player in the wrong position stops chasing the ball and press the Q key again to control the nearby defensive player.

  • Do not press Q if the player closest to the ball is the striker, to avoid wasting strength, ensure health to attack.
  • Consider carefully when using the Q key to pull the midfielder out of the position to drift or rise, by midfielder is the last shield to block all attack lines of the opponent. If the center-back leaves his position, the opponent will quickly have a chance to face the goalkeeper directly. So, please pay attention to calculate carefully before pressing the Q key!

Secrets of effective defense in FIFA Online 3
Too much abuse of the Q key makes the opponent easy to enter the penalty area to score.

4. Switch player positions

Switch player positions so that it is appropriate for each play style will bring high efficiency in defense, you can adjust in the section AI Support Settings / Auto Change CT:

Secrets of effective defense in FIFA Online 3

2 options to adjust player conversion speed:

  • The defensive play is close: Adjust player switch speed in level High to be able to reach the player with the opponent’s ball as quickly as possible.
  • Regional defense play: Adjust player conversion speed down level Medium – Low, to be control multiple players at the same time and better fill gaps in your squad.

Tips to change people quickly:

  • With Gamepad: Wiping the Analog lever on the handle will move the player to the desired position, faster than pressing key S.
  • With the keyboard: Press pShift + arrow keys To change people quickly, this is faster and more convenient than the Analog lever.

Secrets of effective defense in FIFA Online 3

5. Select a reasonable match chart

No matter how good you are in defense, choose match chart Only 3 defenders are difficult to win. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type Tactical diagrams in Fifa Online 3 will help you make the best choice to apply in your game effectively. You can refer to some defensive tactics like: 5-3-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2, 4-2-1-3.

Secrets of effective defense in FIFA Online 3

When you grasp the skills and tips above, hopefully you will build a solid defense, quickly bring a glorious victory to your team. In addition, in FiFa Online 3 there are many techniques that you need to refer to such as: Technical tutoring, Penalty shot technique good how to lead and kick the ball Effective for more experience, easily conquer the ball even more round!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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