Laplace M: A guide to the use of the magic annealing pot

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In Laplace M, the magic potion pot is a pretty special tool that can help players convert the main attribute stats of the equipment to another item of the same type.. In this article, we will learn how to use the magic annealing pot most effectively.

Laplace M

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Instruction for using the Laplace M magic annealing pot

What is a magic potion pot and what does it do?

First of all, we need to understand clearly about this vase with this rather strange name. To put it simply, the magic potion pot will absorb all of the selected item’s BASIC PROPERTY stats into the pot, destroying it at the same time. You can then use this pot to convert an item of the same type (shoes with shoes, armor, etc.) into equipment that has absorbed the attributes into the pot.

Binh tempered magic
Binh tempered magic

Vases are only used for GOLD equipment from 6x or more (7x, 8x …) are available. The ability to absorb into the bottle is BASIC PROPERTIES (the first few lines of gold), not attribute. Therefore, this item is often used when a player wants to use a new item to match, or get the basic attribute better suited to the faction but still want to keep the attached attribute has been recreated very well. (rare gold attributes such as dodge rate, crit rate, hit …)

How to use magic annealing pot

First of all we need to buy the bottle in the section Market -> Colored snails for 350 color screws.


Click on the pot and select an item that you want to absorb Attribute. Once done, click the button Train.


After the refining is done, you will receive a magic pot that has absorbed the equipment’s attributes. Right now, all that’s left is to use this full magic pot to switch to new equipment. B3

Once you have selected the equipment to transfer, click the button Conversion confirmation. The training result item will carry the name, base properties of the old item, and the bonus attribute of the new item!


So with magic-hardening Binh, you can confidently recreate the equipment to get the attributes along with the legend. I wish you all success and see you in the next articles.

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