Laplace M: Instructions on how to quickly increase the BR score

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The anime role-playing game Laplace M Wind Land is receiving great attention from the gaming community. Not only bringing a new direction, but Laplace M has opened a colorful world with a slightly youthful and modern direction. Newcomers when playing Laplace M should note the following tips to quickly increase BR points.

Game Laplace M - The Land of the Wind
Game Laplace M – The Land of the Wind

Tips to increase BR quickly when playing Laplace M

Strengthen equipment

Laplace M’s gameplay focuses on Set items and page count effects. Therefore, you need to upgrade your equipment as soon as possible, level 6 is the most basic level for you to achieve 100% enhancement rate. Upgrade materials can be obtained from farming or directly purchased in the shop.

Strengthen equipment
Strengthen equipment

Forging equipment

When you have the dream item set as a Gold Set, we can Forge the equipment to our liking. The equipment will take a lot of time including Reforging and Silverstar materials, but the results are also extremely sweet with the BR score increasing rapidly.

Reforge bars:

  • Bronze – Equip with 30 or less
  • Iron – Equipment levels 40 – 50
  • Mithril – Equipment levels 50-60
  • Adamantine – Level 60 or higher

Equipped with full set of gold

Equipment is one of the main sources of the fastest BR increase when playing Laplace M, the best equipment to mention is gold, but you do not have to rush gold items too fast to be able to store money and buy cheap items to increase. BR score is very good.

The gold set (levels 20-29) is better than the Purple set (levels 30 – 39). If you are at levels 30 – 39, sell all the items to match strong items to have the best place to stack gold.

Upgraded Laplace M - Land of Wind
Upgraded Laplace M – Land of Wind

Soul card

This is a quite powerful equipment but gamers often care less, so you should not ignore this equipment and use the right Soul card to quickly get BR points.

Get Skill Point points

In addition to character upgrades we need to upgrade Skill Points in order to switch jobs.

Guardian / Pet upgrade

Guardian and Pet will be your best companions throughout the journey to help you increase strength when fighting. You will receive Golden pet immediately on the 10th login day.

Above are some ways you can increase your BR score faster, which will hopefully help you.

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