Summary of game modes in Call Of Duty Mobile

Since its launch, Call Of Duty Mobile has quickly occupied the mobile gaming market because it not only possesses sharp, authentic graphics, but also provides gamers with many different game modes with experiences. separate unique experience. Let’s learn about those game modes


The regime occupies the point

The main objective of this regime is to capture or steal flags and defend strongholds A, B, C on the map. In that point A will lie near you, point B will be in the middle and point C will be near the enemy. To capture a strong point or steal a flag, stand in the minimum circle 10 seconds. After 2 rounds of matches, which team achieves 100 score previous will win.

Combat Mode (Frontline)

Resistance mode

In this mode, 2 teams will duel with each other (5 people each) to find the winner. Each time you kill 1 enemy, the player will score 1 point and which side hit the mark 50 pts first win. After death, the character will be revived on the base and will have 5 seconds of “immortality”.

Team Deathmatch

Mortal combat mode

With the game format similar to the fighting mode, which means that the two teams will play each other directly in about 10 minutes, whichever side wins 40 pts first wins. If no team reaches 40 points at the end of the time, the party with the higher score wins. However, the difference from the fighting mode is that the respawn point will be randomly located on the map and there will be no “immortal” time for the character.

Free For All Mode

This is the mode that allows your character to fight against all other players and whoever wins 20 pts first wins.

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Bomb mode (Search & Destroy)

Bomb mode

This is a mode that tends to play strategically, with 2 factions, one side will place bombs at 2 positions A, B on the map and the other side will defuse the bomb and destroy the opponent. This mode will have 7 matches and whichever side wins 4 wins will win. After that, the two sides will switch roles. Your character will not be able to revive while the match is in progress.

Above are all the game modes of Call Of Duty Mobile, from here, you can find out the game modes that are right for you.

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