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If you are a football lover or a fan of soccer simulation games, you must have heard of the famous FIFA Online 3 game. The following article will guide you on some basic and necessary techniques when playing FIFA Online 3 (FO3), namely the skill of leading and kicking the ball into the net.

In FIFA game in general and FIFA Online 3 in particular will have extremely useful techniques but not all gamers know how to use them, especially for those who play with the keyboard. Instead of “tinkering” by playing again and again many times, you can refer to some of the following instructions to take the ball and kick the ball.

FIFA Online 3

The kicking techniques in FIFA Online 3:

1. Shoot straight – Shoot with D

A straight shot with the D key is one of the simplest and most popular shots in the world FIFA Online 3. Let’s use the arrows pointing in the direction of the striker to shoot the ball towards the opponent’s goal, then press and hold the D key to get the force of the shot depends on the distance. When the striker is not attached and is pitching the ball, this new approach is highly effective.

2. Long shot – Shoot with D + D

This type of shot should be taken within the opponent’s penalty area, the success rate will be higher.

Press the D key, immediately press the D key again to let the striker perform a volley, move the ball fast and low towards the opponent’s goal.

3. Toss the ball over the goalkeeper – Shoot Q + D:

To perform this shot, a player needs to Hold down the Q key, then press D to shoot.

4. Shoot inside cheek – Shoot Z + D:

This is a shot with the inner cheek of the leg. Shot on the inside of the foot is the safe way to shoot and can send the ball to the most accurate target. This technique applies both near and long shot.

You Hold down the Z key, then press D to shoot.

5. Use A or Shift + A

Press Shift + AThe player flings the ball over the goalkeeper with the tip of his shoe.

When pressing the A key, players often use the instep or the cheek in the soles of the foot to kick the ball. The balloons are quite strong and require moderate force.

FIFA Online 3

Some techniques to go ball in the game FIFA Online 3:

1. Rabona Technique – Kick cross legged:

With this technique, the player’s left leg crosses the back of his right leg to push the ball to draw an arc with the destination being the high angle of the goal. Let the player run straight across the border and then release all the keys, press Q + A.

This is a very difficult cross-legged technique and can only be used for players with high scores (5 Stars) like Cristiano Ronaldo good Ronaldinho.

2. Heel Flick shot technique – Heel flick technique:

This is an advanced processing technique compared to the basic level that makes crossing a lot easier. When you are in the box, try this technique

With this technique the player can score goals when facing the goalkeeper. Firstly, run from left to right, release the right arrow key, hold Shift and then quickly press the arrow keys up, left, down or down, left, up, otherwise.

3. Flip Flap also known as “Elastico” technique:

When running from left to right, remove the default E, then hold Shift and quickly press the up, down button but still keep the arrow to the right.. This way through people is very effective but requires the player to have quite a high technique and have to practice for a long time. This is a technique invented by famous Brazilian footballer Roberto Rivelino. This kick was also successfully performed by Ronaldinho.

4. Stepover and Tap On – Shaking technique:

This technique is used to overcome the opponent, especially the tall defenders. To successfully execute “Stepover and Tap On”, then cFrom left to right, release the arrow key to the right and the E button and then hold the Shift key quickly press up – down or down – up. However, gamers should note, this action should only be done with another player, if their defense is crowded, this way you will easily lose the ball.

5. Technique of Roulette – 360 degree rotation:

Take a 360 degree swing before you shoot. Only perform this skill when the opponent has an angle that runs diagonally across their face, the passing rate will be higher. When the player runs from left to right, release the arrow to the right, hold down the Shift key and then quickly press (left – down – right) or (left up – right).

You can refer to some other techniques in FIFA Online 3:

  • Run fast: hold E
  • Stop the ball: release all the direction keys, flash E, the player will stop the ball
  • Shoot: D
  • Inner cheek shot: Z + D
  • Tires: Q + D
  • Assumption: press D + S
  • Sliding / passing: A
  • Change / pass: S
  • Stick poke: W
  • Poke strong slit: hold W
  • Poke: Q + W, hold W the longer you hold, the stronger the ball will fly
  • Drop the ball: hold Z until the ball arrives
  • Control the player to move when the ball approaches: C + Z
  • Hit the ball hard and strong: Press the A key twice quickly.
  • Dribbling (Attacking) / Walking (Defense): When attacking, holding C, your player will do a dribble and when defending, your player will hold well and not miss the previous momentum. the opponent’s ball moves.
  • Free kick defense: You can control the fence to move left or right by pressing the left / right arrow keys.
  • Jump on block: hold W.
  • Call one person to stop the ball: hold D
  • C + D: Shoot with toes, high entry rate when used for long shot (Hold C press D)
  • Z + D: Shoot with the inner cheek of the foot for both near or long shot (Note is more effective when shooting near) (Hold Z press D)
  • Q + D: Shoot the ball over the goalkeeper (Hold Q then press D)
  • Q: Call your teammates over to help get the ball
  • A: Hit, when running close to the boundary line, press A + A to stretch
  • Penalty shot: When recharging, press the left or right arrow, when starting near kicking the ball quickly press the reverse key (can press left / right + up / down).

Hopefully the above article will help you play FIFA Online 3 more easily and score many beautiful goals. In addition, you can refer to other FIFA football series to have a more exciting experience on the pitch.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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