Kkoma confirmed to leave the position of coach of SKT

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Coach SKT accompanied the team throughout their activities in League of Legendswho is always by the side of the mid laner Faker.

With three world championships, one mid-season title and eight domestic titles, Kkoma over the years is often considered a key player in the success of the company SKT.

While the coaching staff of SK Telecomincluded many trainer Over the years, Kkoma has overseen Faker throughout the superstar’s career, and 2020 will mark the first season in which the legendary mid laner will play without him on the team.

Kkoma’s departure comes after a sad year for SK Telecom fans, which saw the team win consecutive LCK titles in Spring and Summer, but lose in both MSI tournaments. and Worlds, both eliminated in the semifinals by G2 Esports.


While such a year could be seen as an undeniably successful one for most other teams in the world, for SKT – especially an SKT that is said to have built a roster with more talented than ever – losing at the World Championship was a huge disappointment.

SK Telecom posted a farewell video of Kkoma, in which the coach gave some thoughts on his time with the team.


Kkoma’s new destination has yet to be officially announced, but as reported by ESPN, he will be set to take on the role of head coach for Vici Gaming in the China LPL. The same report states that Kkoma turned down a seven-year contract with SKT to do so.

Kkoma’s replacement at SK Telecom will be Kim Jeong-soo, commonly known as Coach Kim. Kim previously coached Invictus Gaming to win the 2018 World Championship, before coaching DAMWON in 2019 and taking the LCK rookies to the Worlds playoffs.

SKT has now also confirmed starting lineup their 2020 season, following the departures of jungler Clid and top laner Khan, and will be replaced by Cuzz and Roach.

SKT’s starting lineup 2020 season:​

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