How much does Epic Games cost to monopolize the blockbuster game – I’m shocked to see the number

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To compete with Steam, it is no longer a strange thing for Epic to spend money to earn exclusive contracts. However, when knowing the number is up to tens of millions of dollars, many people are still stunned. 505 Gamesan emerging blockbuster publisher Control just revealed the exact amount Epic Games must pay the company to win the exclusive rights to release the game on PC – a “super huge” number that proves the extremely strong playability of this “rich guy”.


In the recently published financial report, DigitalBros – the parent company of 505 Games revealed that Epic Games had to pay $10.45 million (equivalent to VND 240 billion) to be exclusively released Control – a brand new blockbuster. company on PC. Assuming Control chooses a destination as Steam, at its current selling price of $60, in order to earn $10.45 million in revenue, 505 Games must sell 250,000 copies on the platform. Of course, few people can resist the attraction of money, moreover it is a huge amount of money, so instead of working hard to sell several hundred thousand copies, 505 Games is foolish not to choose a more comfortable option. . Regardless of whether the game is successful at launch or not, the company is still sure to ensure revenue and comfortably pocket hundreds of billions of dong.

Of course, in addition to PC, 505 and developers Remedy Entertainment will also “fish” a significant amount from other platforms such as Xbox One and especially PS4. With Control’s successful launch and positive feedback from gamers, the game’s revenue will certainly continue to increase.


The fact that Epic is not afraid to spend money is the reason why more and more games are turning away from Steam to run to this platform no matter how vehemently opposed by the people. Especially indie developers, they said, only when they are exclusive on Epic can they be sure of revenue and thereby have capital to develop next projects. Moreover, this exclusivity does not last forever. Epic says that once it hits its target, it will expand the game offering to other stores.


It is true that “what cannot be bought with money can be bought with a lot of money”. Love it or hate it, no matter how much you hate it, Epic still exists, develops, and even has more and more exclusive selections on this platform. Anyway, it’s not really worth giving up on your favorite game just because it’s exclusive to the Epic Store, right?​

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