Kidnapped by bad guys for more than a month, the female student was lucky to escape thanks to … PS4

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Not only helps us entertain and connect with friends during the epidemic, games and PS4 do more than that, even save a person’s life. In the situation of a thousand pounds hanging by a hair, the kidnapped schoolgirl in Japan took advantage of the PS4 left by the bad guys to send a notification to the police about her current location, so she was saved to save her life. to reunite with family.


Although not as harsh as before, society’s prejudices about games and gamer Like an open wound, the skin heals but the scar never goes away. Many times the game was hung on the top of the storm, being blamed for truancy, violence, everything bad and bad. But it was the game, which many people looked at with disdain, that helped a young girl escape from the kidnapper’s hands.

After more than a month of searching, the disappearance seemed to fall into a dead end when no clues were discovered until receiving news from the girl herself. According to a report by NHK, this female student was kidnapped from the school by bad guys and held in a basement. Here, she was tied to an iron post and had all valuables and means of communication confiscated. Luckily, she must be an avid gamer or at least extremely familiar with the device console because she knows how to use the kidnapper’s PS4 to email the police while he’s away.


As soon as they received the information, the police broke into the house and found the young female student tied to an iron post and rescued her. Thankfully, she was not seriously harmed physically and returned home safely. The kidnapper was arrested, a guy with a lot of criminal records in the past. The girl was praised for her calm, quick mind when handling critical situations and it was also surprising that PS4 was her savior in this case.

About how to do it, to be able to send mail on PS4, it must be through a web browser built into the system. Although this feature is rarely used by gamers because of the confusing user interface, it has clearly worked when it comes to saving a life. Hopefully she will soon stabilize her mind and can share more about how she uses her PS4 to send mail to the police while she is still tied to a pillar.​

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