Broken hearts of the most tragic deaths in the history of the game village (P2)

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Making players feel touched and tormented when a character has to leave forever is something that not every game can do. In this article, we invite readers and Emergenceingame.Com to continue to highlight the most tragic deaths in the history of the virtual world.​

Warning: The article contains spoilers, readers should consider before reading further.

Dominic Santiago – Gears Of War 3


Gears of War is a universe of tragedies and conflicts. The Locust monsters were the cause of the destruction of the world and the deaths of countless honest people. Not only a Gear warrior, Dominic Santiago is also an exemplary husband and father who is always devoted to his family. Tragedy struck when his two children and his wife’s parents were killed on that fateful day E-day. Tormented and too sad, Dominic’s wife – Maria fell into depression, could not accept the fact that her two children were gone forever and eventually ran away from home to fall into the hands of monsters.

The thought that life had a little hope when Dom found his wife, but it was all a tragedy because Maria was now no different from a moving corpse with blood stains and wounds all over her body as a result of her death. the torture and brain surgery of the Locusts. Gears of War 2 witnessed the extremely traumatic moment when Dom was forced to kill his own wife. Since then, Dom is obsessed with revenge for Maria and engages in bloody battles with the Locusts.

Unfortunately, it all came to an end in Gears of War 3 when Dom and his teammates went on a mission and were besieged by the Locusts. Cornered, Dom plans to save the lives of his teammates, but the cost is his life. Quickly moving, he ran to a nearby truck and drove himself to explode the fuel tank, blowing up the surrounding monsters, saving his teammates. “Never thought it would end like this, huh Maria?!” Those were his last words before he died.

Booker DeWitt (BioShock Infinite)


Booker DeWitt turned from a private investigator to a “bounty hunter”. With a pile of gambling debt, he is tasked with tracking down a girl in a mysterious city called Columbia. If he completes the mission, all debts will be forgiven and he can move on with his life. Unfortunately, this trip exposes the truth about Booker’s past, dark memories.

In BioShock Infinite, Comstock is portrayed as the ultimate villain, someone Booker needs to defeat. But the plot is extremely “bloody” when in the end, Booker discovers that he is a variant of Comstock and the only way to prevent Comstock’s rise is to go back in time and commit suicide. Booker died, ending the life of a man who was both hateful and pitiful.

Lee Everett – The Walking Dead


The player meets Lee Everett in the first part of The Walking Dead, a game developed by Telltale Game. The history professor finds himself convicted of murdering a federal senator who is having an affair with his wife. The sudden cataclysm of the apocalypse helps Lee escape the fate of a criminal and meets Clementine, a young girl living in fear and loneliness.

Through choices and dialogue options, the player can decide what kind of person Lee becomes. However, regardless of his attitude towards others, Lee always protected Clementine with his life. After being bitten on the hand, Lee knew he was facing death. Clementine is forced to tie the hands of the man who once devoted himself to protecting her to avoid harming herself as Lee gradually turns into a zombie. At this point, the player is forced to choose to pull the trigger to free Lee or just let him transform. Either way, this is a heartbreaking choice for both Clementine and the player.​

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