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On average, dozens of new games are released on Steam every day. Many are of course good, but as the old people still say: “Lots of termites lie idle”, sometimes it makes us overwhelmed not knowing what games to play. If you are in a similar situation, Emergenceingame.Com would like to suggest 5 new quality games for you to try.

The Sin

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The Sin is impressed by the nostalgic black-and-white graphics with the context of the life of the former Soviet people. The drawing is nice although the atmosphere seems rather scary. If you’re a fan of open-world horror games like Pathologic 2, you’ll definitely love The Sin. As described on Steam, The Sin is “a whirlpool of emerging social issues mixed with unsolved mysteries in dying villages”. Darkness comes from nowhere, ancient religions come with a world of ghosts and horrors that will creep into the window light when night falls. The Sin is a mystical folk tale that scares you and makes you look at life in a different way.

Fabled Lands

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Still a challenging old-fashioned narrative role-playing game, Fabled Lands is based on the 1990s book of the same name. The freedom to choose who you want to be is the highlight of the game, You can be anyone: adventurer, merchant, priest, scholar, witch or even thief. Although the current Early Access version only has 6 career options and two major regions of the main continent, the map will be significantly expanded before the official version is released in 2022.

Of Birds and Cage

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In Of Bird and Cage, the main character Gitta Barbot is a drug addict who must find a way out of the prison of Bres Lupus – who is holding her captive. The game focuses on narrative and making decisions that force the character to choose. Every decision the player makes will affect the final outcome.

Mind Scanners

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Developed by the studio behind Yes, Your Grace, Mind Scanners, as the name suggests, can scan people’s minds to determine if they are mentally stable. Mind It can be said that Scanners is a “psychological simulation” game, of course, the results are for reference only. The interesting thing is that in addition to diagnosing patients, you will also treat them with different devices. You will be faced with many difficult moral choices that will lead to many different outcomes.


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Lacuna is a detective game with protagonist Neil Conrad, an investigator tasked with solving a case that “will soon turn life and the entire solar system upside down.” Still the familiar point and click gameplay, but the mechanics that make many players uncomfortable of this genre have been reasonably changed, the developers assert.

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