Exposing the inhuman kitten factory, the female streamer was immediately blocked

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Twitch is currently the foundation live stream leading in the world with series streamer Famously, this platform is ready to block the channel of any streamer who violates its regulations, but sometimes they are also mysteriously banned for no reason. Alisha12287 is a female streamer on Twitch with a channel of more than 132,000 followers. Recently, this female streamer was suddenly Twitch ban channel after standing out to expose an immoral kitten farm.​


On September 2, Alisha shared on Twitch that a certain channel on the platform is being investigated by the USDA because it is suspected to be a “kitten mill” – a purposeful kitten breeding camp. According to the definition of Petful, it is a place where purebred cats are kept in cramped, dirty conditions, without medical care and even having to live with their own waste. Their task is to constantly breed new litters of kittens to sell for a profit.

Her share immediately attracted the attention of many people, but soon after, Alisha’s channel was locked, her video was also deleted. It is known that her channel has been locked for 14 days, Twitch did not even specify, but only announced with the reason of “harassment” in general. However, according to the female streamer, she received an email from a specific business with the content that they themselves caused Twitch to block her channel, it seems that this is a deliberate act of revenge aimed directly at the female streamer.​

The cats here have to live in a dirty, bad environment

The female gamer also said that the owner of the breeding farm tried to reach her many times, but she was not afraid and would continue to do what she thought was right: “I want justice to punish those who do business based on pain. suffering of innocent animals.” Currently, Alisha’s story is receiving tens of thousands of shares on Reddit, if everything she shared is true, then surely Twitch will face a wave of community outrage.​

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