Inviting his girlfriend to go out failed, the heartbroken young man stayed at the net shop for more than a week

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Net shop can be considered as the residence of a multitude of different elements and people come here for many different reasons, to entertain, to kill time, to date, to relax or simply because there is nothing to do. know where else to go. And even heartbreak is also a reason for a large number of young people to come here to… discharge. But it cannot be denied that “one person’s sadness becomes another person’s joy” when people net shop owner Thanks to that, you can get a lot of bargains.

As recently, a net shop owner shared on a group for people net business about his “boss” guest. The young man was heartbroken because he could not invite his lover to go out, so he stayed at the net shop for more than a week, from the 23rd to yesterday, the 1st of the year, he refused to go home. Play all day and night and eat and sleep at the restaurant, play and sleep again, wake up and play again. The total payment after more than a week is nearly 1.5 million VND.​


“The young man who was heartbroken, 23 could not invite his lover to go out, sat down and distributed to 26 out of 450k, gave him 1 million, then told him to go eat with his friends, he would come back later. I’ve been sitting there ever since.”

Portrait of a young man in love who eats and sleeps at the net shop for more than a week shared by the owner.

Needless to say, in a case like this, the person who got the bargain was none other than the shop owner. Like many other “colleagues” who also have to come in and whisper with envy: “It’s delicious to earn 10 men like this, cook rice for you to eat”, “Suddenly I want the whole world to fall in love”.. But there are also The shop owner was afraid to comment: “Playing continuously for many days, but you are not afraid of it suddenly dying at the shop?” then the owner shared that: “He eats like a buffalo, 2 pieces of mixed bread in the morning, sometimes 2 boxes of fried rice in the afternoon, otherwise 2 packets of instant noodles. In the evening, he made 10 dumplings to eat until morning. I’m still worried that he’s gaining weight too quickly.”


However, no matter what, both customers and owners should be careful, not to mention money problems, but sitting and playing games continuously for so many hours is really dangerous to life. In fact, there have been many cases of gamers suddenly dying because of sitting in one place playing games for a long time. If there is a restaurant owner who comments on “If it’s heartbroken, it must be civilized and strong like that”, please counter that, this is no different from a negative way of mortification. Moreover, in this time of transitioning from the old year to the new year, it is clear that the young man above must stay at home to welcome the new year with his family, not a mess and a barricade for a very good reason. is “can’t invite your lover to go out”. It does not make the love story better, but on the contrary, it only consumes more mental and health.​

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