Iron Man will still be “angry for no reason” with Captain America in the upcoming Avengers 3

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Talking about the most anticipated movie this year, it is impossible not to mention the blockbuster from the superhero empire MarvelAvengers 3: Infinity Wars. This movie is not only a gathering place for more than 10 superheroes in the cinematic universe Marvel (MCU), but also an important work marking the end of MCU phase 3, so all the news surrounding this movie is actively sought after by the media. Recently, the actor who played the role Iron Man – Robert Downey Jr. shared in an interview, in Avengers 3: Infinity Wars In the near future, there will be many changes in the relationship between the two “oligarchs” Iron Man and Captain America.


At the end of the movie Captain America 3: Civil War, Stark (Iron Man) meets Rogers (Captain America) and Bucky (Winter Soldier) to make peace with them. But when he learned that Bucky was the one who killed his mother in the past, Stark got mad and demanded to kill Bucky, and Rogers tried to protect his old friend even though he knew about it. After the battle, the two men went two ways. Stark is left with only two other members, Rhodes (recovering from an injury) and Vision. However, Stark later received a letter from Rogers, in which he apologized to Stark and said he was still available to help when needed. Rogers infiltrated the Raft Prison, brought his comrades out of the prison and to Wakanda, where T’Challa sheltered them.


In a recent interview, actor Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) revealed that the relationship of these two characters will change and create new conflicts in the next part. He also humorously added, when he saw actor Chris Evans (Captain America) on set, he wanted to come over to chat, but because he had to keep the character’s emotional state in the script, he looked two. people seem to be “jealousing” each other. However, so far, the relationship of these two leading superheroes has always been “anger is angry, but loving is loving”. Therefore, fans can rest assured that sooner or later they will let go of hatred and return to the same front line to fight with the evil forces. Because Avengers without Iron Man or Captain America, it wouldn’t be one Avengers perfect anymore.


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