Youth plow LOL to level 300 just by playing with bots

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Since Riot Unlock the level limit of League of Legends, an underground race between gamers took place, see who will be able to lead on the leaderboard. The current leader is over level 300, and his secret is to “play with bots”!

Nolife Raphael, the guy’s nickname, participated in the race to see who reached the first 100 mark more than a month ago. Yesterday, he passed the 300 mark and became the leader of the chart. His tip is to only play with bots on the Twisted Treeline map. For those who do not know, this is a 3v3 map instead of 5v5 as we usually see. Because playing in “co-op vs AI” mode, Nolife Raphael and any of his 2 teammates will be the only players facing 3 Riot bots.


Using 2 experience cards bought with real money and playing each game really fast (under 9 minutes per game), Nolife Raphael had a super long winning streak in a very short time. Obviously, this also seems to be the most effective way to do this, as the “person-to-person” matches are always longer and full of surprises.

According to relatively accurate calculations, a player will need 793,152 exp to go from level 30 (old restricted level) to level 300. This is equivalent to 2509 games played with bots and about 334 hours of gameplay excluding waiting time.

Nolife Raphael’s Achievement Series

Riot representative Ryan “Riot Cactopus” Rigney responded in a post discussing Nolife Raphael’s achievements, that he had to email the player to let him know that some gifts (leveled gifts) will be available. transferred later. Obviously, despite being a producer, Riot did not expect that someone could level up so quickly.

In a Reddit post last month (before Raphael hit level 100), a member questioned why so many people were able to play with bots so much. Nolife Raphael replied: “It may seem boring at first, but gradually you will feel happier, when you don’t see the young ingredients in those matches xD”.

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