6 factors that make PUBG Mobile better than the original PUBG

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PUBG Mobile more than just a perfect adaptation of PUBG to the mobile platform, but at the same time possesses many elements that the original does not have. These changes not only make the game more likely to compete with the main rival Fortnite, but also make us have a better experience when enjoying “chicken rice”.

Login Bonus


Mobile games often use login rewards as a way to retain players. If PUBG only rewards gamers with a little money to buy boxes after each game, PUBG Mobile has made a significant improvement when giving gamers money and equipment on the first login every day. This way, players can get the right outfits more easily, instead of having to look over and over at the ugly and repetitive items when opening the chest in PUBG PC. This is not necessarily a perfect solution to overcome this problem, but at the same time also opens a direction that can be considered reasonable for PUBG in the near future.



The main goal when playing PUBG is to live as long as possible, but in the process of surviving, there is nothing wrong with having a few more items to complete. Quests in PUBG Mobile give players a few extra pleasures while hiding or running. Most of them are not too difficult, such as surviving a certain amount of time, or playing a certain number of matches with friends… These missions will partly force gamers to change their play style. their own, and that in general will make them more enjoyable experiences and make the game richer.



Sometimes, you meet interesting players online, but don’t want to add them to your “friends list”. At this point, the existence of something similar to Guild or Clan in MMORPGs will be very useful. Crew is such an existence in PUBG Mobile. With Crew, you will have more options to play with besides friends and strangers.

Improvements to the map

Almost anyone who plays PUBG has ever fallen into a situation of being shot while looking at the map, or not knowing how far it is to reach the specified location. PUBG Mobile has solved both of the above problems. First, you can turn on the map at a smaller size while still running around without worrying about the screen being covered. You still can’t see everything, but at least you won’t have an enemy sitting right in front of you without knowing it.


Besides, the map in PUBG Mobile also shows your distance from the specified place. You can even tell if your teammates are near or far from the map/compass markers. This is really a simple but great change, especially for gamers who are bad at estimating distances like me. Obviously, PUBG PC needs these changes, now!

Automatically pick up items


The first phase after landing in PUBG is always a time of crazy picking. You can pick it up with the press of a button, or turn on inventory and drag them in. In PUBG Mobile, a smart mechanism will help you pick up everything you want from guns, armor, backpacks to energy drinks every time you approach. When you find an accessory, it also automatically attaches to the gun for you. Sometimes, those accessories will be mistakenly installed on the gun you don’t want, but you can completely correct that mistake yourself. Also, it’s a small price to pay for being able to be a little faster while fighting for every second in the early game.



The writer himself does not like these overly stupid bots of PUBG Mobile, but objectively, they are good for the whole game. For new players, in a multiplayer bot game, they will have the opportunity to learn about the map, test weapons, and satisfy their “ego” when taking down enemies. Dropping a moderate amount of bots in each player’s first matches is not a bad idea, as long as the developer can balance between “pleasing new players” and “not annoying the game”. old player”. For someone who used to play the original PUBG like the writer, shooting with bots is not necessary. But for new players to experience the feeling of “eating chicken rice” right from the first game, it is definitely a great initiative.

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