Introducing Samira – Desert rose and skill set details

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The 151st general gunner and assassin in League of Legends

Riot Games just released trailer about secondary general 151 League of Legends was Samira as well as revealing her skill set with her profile on the PBE server. Samira is a warrior Noxus, a mighty empire in the universe League of Legends. Her fighting style is to use a gun and a large sword to destroy enemies. Today Funny game will introduce you to the details of Samira’s skill set as well as the story of this assassin.

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Samira the 151st general in the League of Legends universe

Samira is known as the Desert Rose

1. Biography of Samira League of Legends

Samira is an assassin and gunner. Her hometown, the land Shurima was destroyed since she was a child. Then she arrived Noxus, A country that goes head-to-head and has a lot at war with Demacia. Here she gains glory for herself, gradually becoming one the bounty hunter Then always look for the most difficult tasks to perform. In the face of death, Samira Always full of confidence and strength by your side. Her equipment is always two pistols and a sword beautifully crafted but equally powerful. She usually wears a black suit with red accessories. Wears an eyepatch and equipment on the back of his sword. Considered a sniper but Sarima can still be seen as an assassin with a huge and smooth damage skill set.

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2. Samira skill set

Skill Passive: (Daredevil Impulse – Blood dose):

  • Samira creates a combo of Attacks or unique skills from the last hit. Each object will increase Style Her (style points), from “E” to “S” (6 stacks total). Samira grants x% Movement Speed ​​per level.
  • The attacks of Samira in melee range deals bonus magic damage, up based on target’s missing Health.
  • Basic attacks of Samira enemies affected by Immobilize effects will be knocked back for 0.5 seconds and deal additional damage in the next 6 separate attacks. Samira will also dart into range against targets slightly outside of her Attack range (Max 800 attack range).

Samira's passive skills

Skill Q: (Flair):

  • Samira fires a bullet, dealing physical damage to the first enemy it hits.
  • If this skill is used towards enemies in melee range, Samira will use his sword to slash, dealing physical damage.

Samira's Q

  • Either of the Q moves can critically strike 25% more damage.
  • If used with skill E, Samira will attack all enemies on the way.

Skill W: (Blade Whirl – Swirl Sword):

  • Samira swirls your sword for 1 second, damaging enemies twice with physical damage and destroying any enemy ballistics entering the area.

Samira's W attack

Skill E: (Wild Rush – Plunge into danger):

  • Samira Dash through enemies or allies, slash enemies she passes through and gain Attack Speed. Killing an enemy champion will refresh this skill’s cooldown.

Samira's E attack

Ultimate move: (Inferno Trigger – Hell)

  • Samira can only use this skill if her current style score rating is S.
  • Samira unleashes a series of bullets from her weapon, frantically shooting all enemies around her 10 times over 2 seconds, each shot dealing physical damage and applying lifesteal, critically dead to each bullet.

Samira's ultimate skill

3. Video trailer about Samira – The Ball of the Desert

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