How to download and install Minecraft: Education Edition

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Minecraft: Education Edition is one of the special versions of the Minecraft survival game – one of the most classic games of all time. This is also the only version of this open world game that has been put into education in many countries around the world, including Vietnam.

The installation of Minecraft educational version is quite different from other versions, below, will guide you on how to download and install Minecraft: Education Edition on the computer.

Instructions to download and install Minecraft: Education Edition on the computer

windows - EmergenceingameMinecraft: Education Edition

mac os - EmergenceingameMinecraft: Education Edition for Mac

iphone - EmergenceingameMinecraft: Education Edition for iOS

Step 1: You go to the Minecraft – Education Edition download support page, click on Download.

Download Minecraft: Education Edition

Step 2: Select the first download link to download Minecraft – Education Edition game to your computer.

Select the download link

Step 3: A Windows window appears, choose a location to save this file on your computer, then unzip it to get the installation file (picture below).

Extract the file to install Minecraft: Education Edition

In the folder after extracting, find and double-click on the item below to start installing Minecraft – Education Edition on your computer.

Installation directory

Step 4: Click Install To start the installation, you can select items Launch when ready to launch the game as soon as the installation is complete.

Click Install

Continue to click Download.

Download Minecraft: Education Edition

Step 5: Wait until the download is completed, the game window will appear as below.

Login interface

Now you just need to log in Minecraft account: Education Edition to start using this educational Minecraft version.

Sign in to your account


If you do not let the mode automatically run after the download is complete, you can click Start icon to find the game Minecraft: Education Edition in this.

The Minecraft: Education Edition account is not the account we use to play other regular versions of this game, but rather the account that is registered and uses some school information (if you are be a teacher) or have permission to share with you (if you are a student).

Search for an application

That is what is needed to Install Minecraft: Education Edition on the computerHopefully, with this guide, you can easily perform the installation as well as get acquainted with this special version of the game.

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