How to play Angry Birds game on computer with Android emulator

Angry Birds is the ultimate and extremely popular mobile game series on Rovio’s phones. Although owning a smartphone is not a big deal nowadays, not everyone has it. Therefore, the introduction of Android emulators is inevitable, helping players to play Angry Birds game without a phone.

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Compared to the Android emulators in use today, Droid4X is the lightest and smartest software. At the same time, this emulator also does not require high computer configuration BlueStacks.

Download Droid4X for free

Play Angry Birds game on PC with Droid4X

Step 1: Download and install Droid4X emulator software.

Step 2: Launch the software. From the main interface, it is possible to click AppStore or enter Keyword “Angry Birds” Go to the Search box Enter to find.


Step 3: In the new interface (if you click on the AppStore), you continue to enter the game keyword to search. And if the results are displayed (search outside), we can click on the game to be played to install.

Choose a game

Step 4: Select Install.


Click on Accept at the next confirmation interface.


Wait a moment for the download to complete and then click Open to open play now.


In addition to Angry Birds, we can also download and install many other games such as Angry Birds 2, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans or Candy Crash Saga… to play on this emulator without worrying about the quality.

Successful installation

After the download is successful, you can click to play normally.

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Play game Angry Birds

Droid4X has the advantage that it will slightly reduce the image quality in the game, but in return, it is quite light, runs fast and is especially smart when automatically changing the display interface to suit the genre. game is running.

If you love this “crazy bird” game, you can download and install it right on your computer to play whenever you want.

Wishing you success!

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