7 easy steps to buy Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox installment at nShop!

The year-end shopping season is coming again and you probably have a lot of things to prioritize, not just the game. So why not choose a financial solution that is installment purchase through both forms available at nShop installment payment via MPOS credit card and Cash installments through HD SAISON?

Buying installment payment for nintendo switch ps5 xbox nshop

For customers who do not have a credit card, HD SAISON cash installment payment may seem vague, but the following 7 simple steps will dispel all concerns of newbie. Let’s try nShop for reference!

7 steps to buy Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox installment at nShop

First, just like every customer who buys with cash or a credit card swipe, you should visit nShop if you have time to get advice from AZ about the gaming machine you want to buy. Play trial experience to get the most accurate decision.

nshop buying advice nintendo switch, ps5, xbox

Next, the staff will sum the bill for you and guide HD SAISON’s installment method as well as the requirements. (Explore more this post if you want to consult in advance for more clarity).

PS5 installment advice nintendo switch via hd saison

If you agree to proceed, provide an Identification Card nShop (Citizen’s identity) and Driver’s License (Or household registration if you do not have a GPLX) let nShop send HD SAISON for approval.

saison hd records buy nintendo switch ps5 xbox installment

Now you just need to sit and play a game at nShop and wait for your file to be reviewed in 30-45 minutes.

sit and play nintendo switch ps5 xbox game at nshop

When the profile is approved, HD SAISON will send staff to nShop to file for you. All you need to do now is sign it.

Sign up for the Nintendo Switch PS5 Installment Plan at nshop

The easiest and most fun part is here: Pick up your device & buy game then try it on and be guided by the support staff!

buy game machines at nshop

Finally, your choice: Take pictures and check in to make memories at nShop or like ‘silent’, you can bring the device right away and always play the game ^^

Take pictures to check in to buy nintendo switch ps5 xbox at nshop

How do you feel? Only 7 easy steps can bring the device back to nShop! There are also tips below you can refer to:

  • If you want to save the waiting time in step 4, before going to the shop, you can take a picture and send the profile via the inbox fanpage nShop – Game n Shop for the staff to send the profile to you in advance.
  • If you want to make sure that your documents are approved, you should prepare a table with a family member for HD SAISON to call to confirm your relative. (parent / brother / sister agrees to purchase this installment by you).
  • Having a stable job and not over paying by installments is always the criterion for HD SAISON to approve the application more easily. (Good for both you and the company).
  • To pay monthly installments, you can flexibly pay at Post Offices and Banks (Agribank, HDBank, BIDV) or more simply, make a payment via MOMO. So don’t be afraid of complicated procedures every month!

Hopefully, through the above sharing will help you partly in your shopping decision at the end of this year. nShop will soon add hot products like PS5 or Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X to the category to make shopping more convenient for customers! See you at nShop!

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