Insulting women, the voice actor Ghost was kicked out of the project by the parent company Call of Duty

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Video is attached at THIShowever readers should consider before viewing because it contains extremely offensive and obscene language.

Everyone knows that Ghost is one of the most popular and important characters in the series Call of Duty. Of course in the game, in order for the character to come to life perfectly, it is in no small part thanks to voice actor. When Modern Warfare relaunched in 2019, Jeff Leach has been chosen to be the voice of the game, but it seems that this is also the actor’s last project at Activision after his abusive comments on social networks. .


It all started after a clip cut from Jeff Leach’s Call of Duty: Warzone livestream in December 2020 went viral online. In the video, the actor constantly spits out vulgar words to humiliate and kill a female audience (Emergenceingame.Com apologizes for not quoting those words here because they are too offensive and difficult to hear, readers are curious. If you’re curious, please click on the clip attached to the top of the article to see it).

Moreover, this is not the first time Leach has been stoned for speaking out online. The incident that happened in 2017 is related to women streamer ZombiUnicorn, who turned down an offer to be on a talk show where Leach also appeared as a guest. But not participating doesn’t mean not being mentioned, it wouldn’t matter if Leach didn’t make horrible comments about the female streamer’s body. Back then, Leach was banned by Twitch for a while, however, that was not enough to deter the actor.

Activision later released the following statement: “Sexism has no place in games, neither does our company, nor does this society. Activision is no longer working with Jeff Leach. We condemn such insults. We are committed to providing a fun and safe experience for all players.”


While Activision has expressed its opposition to Leach’s behavior, Facebook Gaming – the male streamer platform that it is collaborating with has yet to take any action. The voice actor recently streamed Escape on Tarkov on Facebook Gaming.

As for Jeff Leach, the actor denied the accusations of netizens and said that his action was only intended to protect the community from the useless trolls of others. Leach claims he never forgives those who threaten, insult others while he himself has just done so. In this incident, streamer ZombiUnicorn also voiced his support for Activision’s decision, calling on Facebook Gaming to soon take action against Jeff Leach and hope that everyone will be responsible for all their words.

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