Tinh Van Kiem – MMO worthy of Funtap’s first martial arts masterpiece is coming soon

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Even though I don’t own an excellent graphics platform, but Star Cloud Sword still very popular with the Chinese gaming community. The image and depiction of the world in the game is just enough to create a certain fantasy, not too colorful and complicated. Lightweight configuration, compatible with many types of devices is one of the strengths that help Tinh Van Kiem “creep” into the market and win the hearts of many gamers.


Starting with Tinh Van Kiem, players will be able to choose between 1 of 4 character classes: Hoa Gian Cac, Lieh Hoa Duong, Xuan Vien Tong and Tie Su Bao. It is quite unfortunate that the player cannot choose the gender of the character, but in return, each character has a beautiful and impressive image.


In addition to the standard MMORPG features such as strengthening, refining, encrusting … Tinh Van Kiem also has free trades, hunting bosses to drop rare items or cavalry, assistants … Alternating between the classic features of the game series MMORPGs are new features that spice up the experience of Tinh Van Kiem gamers. In particular, inter-server activities and battlefields always bring great excitement as well as enhance competition in the game.


That’s still not all. Tinh Van Kiem also owns a relatively dense array of daily activities to help players “busy” just enough. According to the gaming community, with such a large number of activities stretching throughout, the gap between depositing players and “plowers” in Tinh Van Kiem is not expected to be too large, it is entirely possible. plow hoes” to make up for it.

Although there is no official information from NPH Funtap But according to predictions, Tinh Van Kiem will be released around the middle of September 2019. Currently, gamers can experience Tinh Van Sword Chinese version at: http://www.9game.cn/xinyunji/

Follow the new information of Nebula Sword Funtap at: https://www.facebook.com/tinhvankiem.vn/​​

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